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Get your aNinja Chatbot embed code

Log in your aNinja account and go to Marketing

Click on the edit

Click on Copy To Clipboard

Add the Chatbot embed code to your website

Add the Javascript embed code to your website for the aNinja chatbot to start loading on the page.

This Javascript snippet will automatically load the chatbot widget onto your site when your website pages load.

Where to add the Chatbot embed code

Typically you want to add this code in the HTML section before the closing body tag of your HTML code or layout.

If you’re not familiar with basic HTML at all, feel free to contact us for additional support at

WordPress website?

Additionally, if you’re using WordPress for your website, you can also look at WordPress specific information here:

What’s next?

Once you’ve successfully added the chatbot embed code script to your website, your defined chatbot playbook should start loading on page visit! You’ll also be able to see stats on how the chatbot is performing in your aNinja install.

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