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Add Leads via Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in aNinja

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In aNinja, you can create leads in aNinja via Blind Carbon Copy (BCC).

All you have to do is add in the BCC field, your dedicated private aNinja BCC email address.

What is BCC anyhow

Adding Leads Via BCC in aNinja

  • Find your private BCC email address
  • When sending an email outside aNinja (e.g. from Gmail, Outlook, or your preferred email client) – just put your dedicated and private BCC email address in the BCC field.
  • Automatically, aNinja detects that and creates a new lead from the email recipient(s) information (the email in the “To” field of your email) as well as injects a note with the “email body” into that new lead.

Add Leads Via BCC in aNinja


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