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aNinja Automations allows you to automatically follow up with leads, engage them, close them, and much more. You want to create the templates, to use them in the sequences, to be launched when a condition is triggered on a special event.


  • On the left sidebar, click on the Automations icon.
    • Go ahead and click on the help (?) icon next to Automations. It will redirect you to a short youtube video to get an overview of the automations features.

  • Here, you see the building blocks that allow aNinja Automations to work:
  • Templates:
    • Here, you create and manage email, note, and text templates. You create your templates once. So you can use them later on.
  • Sequences
    • In this feature, you create and manage email and text sequences. You prepare the sequences using the templates you have created.
  • Triggers
    • With triggers, you schedule your templates and sequences. The system sends them when the set event, time, and date are due.

aNinja Automations


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