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Get reports on the workflow of your latest activities and interactions that you made in aNinja in a certain period of time.

aNinja reports are simple, understandable, and provide you a detailed view on your business performance.

Admin users can see the reports of all the users.

On the top right of the reports page, you can select the period and the user you want to check his reports.

Accessing Reports feature

From the left sidebar, click on Reports icon.

aNinja reports

  • Workflow Summary (ASR)
    • See All Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Workflow Summary (LSR)
    • See the Last Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Leads
    • See figures of the leads, created and Via API.
  • Opportunities
    • See figures of the Opportunity statuses.
    • On the right corner of the Opportunity report, see the details of the leads opportunities.
  • Emails
    • See figures of all the sent and opened emails, and the open rate.
  • Texts
    • See figures of the incoming and outgoing texts.
  • Calls
    • See figures of the outgoing calls and their total duration.
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