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aNinja Smartlist is a saved query that you can reuse as a list in your Dashboard while navigating through leads. As well, you can target this list of leads in email or text sequences.

Basically, this allows you to easily bulk email / bulk text in sequence. Or simply create Smart Views for the actions required and run through them as your daily to-do list.

Moreover, if you add new leads to your account and they match the query filtering parameters, they will automatically show up on the Smartlist results.

But, if a bulk sequence is already triggered or launched, it will not add new leads to it. Neither changing lead info after creating a sequence does affect the bulk sequence.

Creating aNinja Smartlist

  • From the top navigation bar, click on SmartList
  • Then on + Smartlist
  • Here, you can view the query examples
    • For example, to search for leads added after July 20, use this search query:
      lead.created >= “2020-07-01”
  • Search queries can be saved for future use “Save as Smartlist


Don’t forget to save the results of your query(ies) as a Smartlist before leaving the page to avoid losing them.

Smartlist of multiple queries

Smartlists can be built with one or multiple queries. This way, you can narrow your search for specific leads.

Accessing saved Smartlists

  • From the top navigation bar, click on Smartlists.
  • You can see a list of all the saved Smartlists.
  • Click on a Smartlist and the system brings up the data for you in the leads view.
What can you do with a Smartlist:

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