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aNinja WorkflowsWith aNinja workflows, you can organize your work and the steps you want the salespersons to carry out to reach the highest productivity of your team. It’s all that it takes to turn a lead into a customer.

aNinja is designed to make your sales communication quick, easy and effective. You can easily build out unique sales workflows using our dynamic Smartlists and email sequences.

What is a Workflow

A Workflow consists of a series of sequential steps. You need to carry them out one after another with proper approvals at each stage from the beginning to the end.

That includes everything from prospecting to closing the sale. Sales cycles vary between companies and industries, but they usually have a similar sequence of steps.

And while most business owners can intellectually understand why workflow is important, it’s hard to truly wrap your brain around it until you have actually seen it in action.

Benefits of workflows

  • Monitor the lead/client progress in the sales/customer pipeline.
  • Better align leads/clients with the most appropriate staff members.
  • Since the workflow keeps a record of what occurs in the system, an audit trail shows who, what, when, and what actions were performed.
  • Excellent communication with leads/clients makes day-to-day operations smoother overall.

Adding a workflow

These are the steps to add aNinja Workflows:

  • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Workflows
  • Click Add Workflow
  • Name the Workflow
  • Keep/Rename the Step Status and hit Save

You can add multiple steps to the workflow.

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