Bulk Email using Transactional vs Non-Transactional Email

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There are different types of ways to send out email, mainly non-transactional and transactional. This helps explain which one to use and when.

Non-Transactional email

Or a direct email, is about sending an email to communicate a promotional message (i.e. a special offer or a product catalog) to leads you have collected into your aNinja account.

Transactional email

It is an email, triggered based on your lead’s action with your business (i.e.: when a lead makes a purchase, he receives a transactional email in confirmation to his purchase)

Transactional emails are an opportunity for you to nurture your leads. You can include promotional messages / advertisement for a new product, etc… within the body of the transactional email.

How to apply a Transactional link in your email bulk in aNinja?

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