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When you’re out of reach, you might want to consider call forwarding to forward your incoming calls to an available phone number in aNinja.

Call forwarding with aNinja

  • On the top right of your login, click on the name dropdown > Profile
  • Go to Calls
  • And toggle the Call Forwarding On/OffaNinja Call Forwarding
  • Enter the phone number that you want to forward the calls to.
  • And hit Update
  • As a result, the call forwarding has now been configured!

The recordings of the forwarded calls are saved in the lead view with the note “Forwarded”.

If the number is busy or the call was canceled, it is saved as a missed -call.

The Voicemail or completed calls are saved as completed call + recording.

In the case of forwarded calls, voicemails appear as completed calls.

Forwarding message alert

The receiving number receives a “forwarding message alert” when he answers calls coming from the forwarded number.

It’s enabled by default in your account. However, you can choose to skip this forwarding message alert.

In Settings > Global Settings, un-toggle the checkbox:

“Include “aNinja Incoming call” on aNinja call forwarding”

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