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Changing the role of a user

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The role assigned to a user controls access to areas and features within the aNinja app. Each user account requires a role. And changing the role of a user can be done at any time.

Different roles of aNinja users

There are 3 predefined user roles in aNinja. User’s permissions to use aNinja features vary according to the role assigned to them.

The user roles are:

  • Owner
    • The owner user is the owner of the application and the one who assigns the admin role and the user role to the users.
  • Admin
    • The admin user assigns the user role to the users.
  • User
    • The user role doesn’t have permission to assign other users.

Changing / assigning the user role

  • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Users
  • Choose the user and click on the edit pen.Changing the role of a user
  • Click on Access Control and assign the role.

All the new users will be on the same billing plan as the current one the owner user is on.

To change the owner user, please contact us at

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