Clickfunnels Integration

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Integrate leads from your clickfunnels account into aNinja.


Setup integration

  • Login to your Clickfunnels account
  • Choose the existing funnel you want to integrate into aNinja

  • Go to the settings: 

  • On the settings page, click on “Manage Your Funnel Webhooks”


  • Now click the “+ New Webhook” button to add a new webhook

Here, we need to get to aNinja API:

Continue below AFTER getting the aNinja API

  • In Clickfunnels, URL field put:
      • Example:


  • in the EVENT field choose “All Events
  • In the VERSION field choose 1
  • in the ADAPATER field choose “json
  • Click the button CREATE FUNNEL WEBHOOK

  • That’s it! it would show here:



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