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Creating a Chatbot in your aNinja account

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aNinja Chatbot

Chatbot is a chatting widget that you embed on your website to answer your website visitors questions. Creating a Chatbot in your aNinja account and embedding it on your website also allows you to collect leads and inject them into your aNinja account.

What’s a Chatbot

A Chatbot is a live chat program that can be embedded in your website to answer the website visitor’s simple questions. The system injects a lead into your aNinja account with every chatbot conversation.

Creating aNinja Chatbot

  • Log in to your aNinja account
  • On the left sidebar, click on Marketing icon.
  • Click on Chat Bots
  • Then, choose Add Chat Bot
  • Click Add a Chatbot
  • Here, enter the business name and the virtual chatbot name.
  • If you choose to set your Chatbot off, it will indicate the message “Chatbot currently offline” to users.
  • Once you enable here the “Help Page Url”, it will expose the Knowledge base button in the chatbot for active users. This typically opens up in an iframe inside the chatbot the website of a knowledge base.

  • You can also type and enable an “Away message” and set the timeout to automatically send a message if no reply was sent back to the client.
  • Lastly, hit Save
  • Chatbot has now been added!
  • Then, you can see this info about your chatbot:
    • Name
    • Status (online/offline)
    • Total Conversations
    • Leads Generated
    • Conversations Rate
    • Created Date
    • Actions you can perform on this Chatbot:
      • Edit Playbook: This option allows you to create the steps of the Playbook.
      • Preview: This option allows you to see how your chatbot runs and test it before it goes live on the website.
      • View Conversations: You can view all the conversations initiated in this chatbot and join them too.

Editing a Chatbot

Now that you’ve created the Chatbot, you can still edit the information at any time.

  • Click on the edit pen next to the chatbot you want to edit.
  • Do the adjustments you want.
  • And click Save.

Cloning a Chatbot

You can create multiple scenarios of chatbots to run on different events on your website.

  • Click the clone icon next to the Chatbot name.
  • This creates a copy of the Chatbot and its playbook.
  • Go ahead and edit it and do the wished changes.

Deleting a Chatbot

Once you delete a chatbot, it’s no longer retrieved.

To delete a chatbot:

  • Click on the edit pen next to the chatbot you want to delete.
  • And hit the recycle bin icon.

  • Lastly, click OK on the pop-up message “Are you sure you want to delete this step?”.
  • Your chatbot and its playbook are now deleted.

Viewing the Chatbot Conversations

After every chatbot conversation, a new lead is created into your aNinja account with the info captured in the conversation.

If the lead closed the chatbot conversation before your reply, your message will appear in a bubble next to the chatbot on the website:

You can see these conversations:

  • In your Inbox. Just select “Chatbot” from the All types drop down.
  • And in your Dashboard widget “Chatbot Conversations”. If you can’t see this widget, just enable it from the little gear on the top right of the dashboard.
  • You also receive a notification by email.

Joining a Chatbot Conversation

You can join the chatbot conversation and directly engage with the user.

  • Joining the Chatbot conversation from the email:
    • Open the email and click on the link “View / Join the conversation“.
    • It opens your aNinja account > the lead view where you can join the conversation.
  • Joining the Chatbot conversation from the Dashboard Widget “Chatbot Conversations”:
    • Click on the lead name “chatbot xxxx“. And you’re redirected to the lead view where you can join the conversation.

Chatbot behavior

The chatbot pop-up gets triggered only for the first user visit to your site. It doesn’t automatically re-pop up on their subsequent visits, mainly because it gets annoying for repeat users. However, they can see that it’s in the bottom right section.

We can customize the following Chatbot behaviors:

  • Exposing the Chatbot initial greeting on every visit
  • Hiding the initial greeting message on page load
  • Delay showing the Chatbot widget for a number of seconds
  • Customizing widget container style to fit on the load page

Send us your request to and we will implement the changes for you.

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