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Creating a Smartlist from Bulk Import list

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After importing contacts in a CSV or Excel file, you can directly  start by creating a Smartlist from the Bulk Import list.

Creating a Smartlist from Bulk Import list

  • In Settings > Bulk Import, locate the list that you’ve just imported in Previous Bulk Imports.
  • Under Records, click on the blue number (which is the number of leads in this list). This redirects you to the leads view where you can see all those leads.
  • On the top navigation bar, you can see the query that was used to execute this process. Something like e.g.: lead.bulkimport_id=12. 12 represents the serial number of the bulk import.
  • Copy this query.
  • Click on Smartlist > Add Smart List
  • Give a name to the Smartlist
  • Paste the query in “Search query”.
  • Save it for later re-use.

Launching sequences for this particular list

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