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Customizing the design of email templates

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Email templates can be in plain text or in HTML. Customizing the design of email templates allows you to create a new template entirely from scratch using whatever HTML or design you like.

You can customize HTML templates and include inline CSS and images.

Customizing the design of email templates

  • Any standalone CSS can be added to the source code view of the HTML template.
  • Inject this source code in the body of your email template by clicking on the source code icon (the 2 brackets icon < >) in the email template editor.

  • From the lead view, create an email and either use the customized template, or insert the source code by using the (the 2 brackets icon < >).

  • Choose the customized template to send a Bulk email.
  • Make sure to add any changes to the email before sending it.

Iframe content in Email

Most Email Service Providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc…) won’t allow iframe content in emails and they automatically block it.

We recommend you add an image in the email template body and link it to the video URL: Click on the image and then hit the link button on the toolbar to add the URL.

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