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Dashboard widgets bring you the report on the workflow of your  latest activities and interactions that you make in aNinja.Dashboard widgets

Resizing & Moving Widgets

You can change the size of the widgets (shrink / expand), and relocate them on the dashboard however suits you. They will maintain the size and location next time you visit your dashboard.

Enabling & Disabling Widgets

You can manage which widgets to enable or disable by clicking on the top right gear icon in the dashboard view. This shows you a list of available widgets and you can choose to toggle them on or off.

Types of Widgets

Widgets are of 2 types:

System Widgets

These widgets are created by the system. They bring you reports on the workflow of your activities and more.

  • Latest leads: See the latest leads entered into aNinja (manually, via API, or bulk)
  • My Tasks: Shows all tasks assigned to you
  • Bulk Sequences: Shows bulk email sequences & bulk text sequences and their status
  • Latest Incoming: Shows you the latest incoming interactions (email / text)
  • My latest Incoming: Shows your latest incoming interactions (email / text) – also includes texts coming to group numbers
  • Last Viewed: Quickly see the latest viewed leads
  • Outgoing Sequence Emails by day: See how many outgoing email sequences have been sent out
  • Workflows Summary (ASR): See All Steps Reached (ASR) summary across all workflows
  • Workflows Summary (LSR): See last Last Step Reached (LSR) summary across all workflows
  • Chatbot Conversations: See latest chatbot conversations
  • These are the result of the Smartlists you have created.
  • Enable each Smartlist from the gear on the top right of the dashboard, and you will see it on the dashboard as a widget.
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