Marking a lead as “Do Not Contact”

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When you don’t intend to message to a certain lead, mark him as do not contact.

Moreover, you can choose to stop emails, or texts for this lead separately.

Marking a lead’s contact as “do not contact”

To mark a lead as “do not contact”,

  • Push the Stop next to a contact item to activate the “do not contact”.
    • e.g. If you want to stop including this lead in the text sequences, just click on the stop button next to the phone number(s).
    • If you want to stop including this lead in any future automation, you’ll want to click on the stop button next to all his contact items (emails and phone numbers).

  • Once “do not contact” button turns red, all automatic messages (email or text according to your choice) will be automatically blocked for this lead.
  • You can still however manually contact the lead through email from the lead view.
  • If you’re replying to a lead’s text after being marked as do not contact, it will show you “no contact” in the phone number section.
  • Adding a lead’s contact to the “do not contact” list”, can be automatically done based on an event that verifies the triggers condition.

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