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When sending emails via aNinja or in any email account you use, you would want to include your signature at the bottom.

What’s an email signature?

It is a powerful way to convey your professionalism to your readers and give them the information they need to contact you. It is placed at the bottom of each mail, which helps leave a great impression and makes you stand out from your peers.

A good signature design should include the following elements:
  1. Avatar and/or company logo.
  2. First name and last name.
  3. Job title, department, and company name.
  4. Email address and telephone number.
  5. Company physical address.
  6. Social media icons.
  7. Banner (optional)
  8. Offer (optional)

Setting your email signature in aNinja

  • Login to your aNinja account.
  • Go to Settings > Email Accounts
  • Click on the edit pen next to your email/name
  • Type in your signatureemail signature
  • And hit Update
  • Now your signature will show at the bottom of each email you send via aNinja.
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