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Embedding aNinja Form on Godaddy page

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Embedding aNinja Form on Godaddy page creates a lead into your aNinja account with every form submission.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can embed the aNinja form on your Godaddy page.

Embedding aNinja Lead Form on Godaddy page

  • Choose the website you want to edit in your GoDaddy account.
  • Choose the Page (or add a new page) where you want to add an aNinja Lead Form in the right-side panel of the Godaddy Website builder.
  • Click “Add Section” to add a new section to your Godaddy page, and choose “HTML” in the section types.
  • Paste the aNinja Lead Form code in the “Custom code” box in the Godaddy section sidebar.
  • Hit Preview then publish.
  • Your integration between aNinja Lead forms and GoDaddy is now complete.

Where does the imported data appear

After the integration, you can search your aNinja CRM for the imported leads. You can also search for any custom field, opportunities, and any other info that is collected from the forms.

  • Lead’s contacts appear in the leads contact section in the lead view
  • Opportunities also appear in the opportunity section in the lead view
  • The company’s info appears on the top left of the lead view, in the Company section.
  • Custom fields appear in the custom field section of the lead view
  • Lead Search is a field that also appears in the bottom left of the lead view. Specifically, these are info/links on the lead or the organization found in Google search.

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