Handle “Incoming STOP texts” through triggers

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When leads reply to you by texts such as STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT;  you can automatically handle those incoming STOP texts to set the lead as “do not contact” through Triggers.

Setting a trigger to automatically mark leads as “do not contact”

You can configure automatically marking a lead as “do not contact” and handle the incoming STOP texts through triggers:

  • On the left sidebar, click on Automations > Triggers
  • Hit + Add Trigger
  • In the Trigger Event:
    • Choose “Incoming email or SMS
      • Presently, this feature is available for incoming texts only.
    • Set Body content matching to: “STOP | STOPALL | UNSUBSCRIBE | CANCEL | END | QUIT“. Add any other words that your leads use to ask for stopping.
    • Select the type of matching in the “Specify the type of matching“dropdown:
      • exact (only matches texts having exactly the same content)
      • word (matches all texts that contain the content anywhere in the body)
      • any (matches all texts that contain the content anywhere in the body and in any form, e.g., “test” would match “testing”)

    • This will match any incoming text with the defined content (not case insensitive) according to the type of matching you choose.
  • In the Trigger Action:
    • Set “Add all lead contacts to do not contact list

Handle incoming STOP texts/emails through triggers

    • Regarding the leads that that were added to the “do not contact” list, they do get included in the bulk sequence but their texts get blocked from our side so it doesn’t get actually sent.
      You can check them by clicking on the blocked leads count in ‘Bulk Sequences’ widget.
    • To honor your client’s opt-out request, you can send them an automated message.
    • Also, set “Break after Trigger executes” to YES / true so that no other triggers execute after this match on that Lead.
    • It’s good to give this trigger a high priority level (e.g. 100). This indicates which trigger should be processed first.


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