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History of Interactions and Activities of a lead

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aNinja brings you the history of all interactions and activities made for a lead in the lead view.

What’s the history of interactions and activities

Once the creation of a lead in your aNinja account, the system saves all the interactions and activities that you make to this lead, in the history section.

Moreover, they are listed in ascending order. So, the users and team members are kept in the loop of the actions performed on this lead.

In the history section you can view:

  • Calls made and durations.
  • Emails sent & received with this lead.
  • Notes that are left by any team member so any other user stays updated on any relevant info.
  • Texts sent to this lead.
  • Tasks¬†assigned and their statuses.
  • Workflow steps changes.
  • Chatbot conversations initiated by this lead.
  • Triggers

Accessing the lead history

From the lead view, in the middle right of the page, you can see all the interactions and activities of the lead.The history of all interactions and activities for a leadYou can also filter activities and interactions that appear in the history section from “All Interactions” dropdown:

Including: Calls, Chatbot Conversations, Emails, Email Sequences,  Notes, Text Sequences, and Tasks.

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