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Any time you are on the Lead view, you can keep a note for yourself or for other users in the team on any important point worth saving for the record. Example minutes of a meeting / call.

Creating a Note

  • When on the lead view, click on Note, in the top middle of the page.

  • Use a note template, or just type a new one.
  • You can also access all the note templates and edit them.
    • Click on edit templates on the right bottom of the note template drop down.

  • Don’t for forget to save it.
  • You can see the note you just created, first record in the history in the middle of the page.

Adding attachment to a Note

  • When creating a note, before saving it, click on the attach to add any useful document worth keeping in the lead view.
  • Click on save.

Editing a Note

  • From the history of interactions in the Lead View, locate the note.
  •  Click on the edit pen in the left of the note.

  • Make the changes you want (example: add an attachment).
  • Save it again to save the changes.
  • Or click on the recycle bin to disregard the changes. The note will not be deleted from here.

Deleting a Note

  • From the history section in the lead View, locate the note.
  • Click on the recycle bin on the right bottom of the note.
  • And OK to confirm deleting the note.

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