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Lead Opportunities

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Lead Opportunities let you track what kind of financial reward you are expecting to make from a lead, in a certain interval of time, including an optional confidence interval.

Where to set the opportunities for a Lead

Opportunities are one of the lead attributes that you manage in the lead view.

  • Search for the lead
  • When on the lead view, on the left side, click on Opportunities and start filling the info.
    •  Value $: Is the amount of money you expect that the lead will render to your business after closing them.
    • Period: Is the period of time that the money is expected to be collected in.
    • User: Is the user assigned to follow up with the lead on this opportunity.
    • Status: The status of the opportunity (Active / Won / Lost) according to the behavior of the lead to your deal.
    • Created Date: The day you start the pursue the lead with a specific offer.
    • Close Date: The day expected to stop the pursuit.
    • Confidence: Is the confidence rate according to the behavior of the lead to your deal.
    • Note: Leave your notes here, to pick up on them later on.
    • Don’t forget to Save your work.

Opportunities are also viewable in the Reports section.

Lead Opportunities

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