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aNinja marketing features are Forms and Chat botsĀ that you embed on your website to collect leads from your website visitors who use the form or the chatbot.

aNinja Forms

Create your aNinja forms and embed them on your website. Instantly, new leads are automatically created into your aNinja account from the visitors who used this form.

Chat Bots

Chatbot is a live chatting box. When you embed it on your website it answers your visitors’ simple inquiries (like scheduling a demo) at any time they visit your website.

Also, Chatbot notifies you on the visitor’s question so you follow up with them.

Automatically, the system injects new leads into your account from the website visitors who get in contact with your Chatbot.Have any specific questions about the aNinja Marketing features? Just leave us an email at Our support team will happily assist you.

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