Message Statuses for the Bulk Text Sequences

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For a better follow-up on your outgoing sequences, aNinja created message statuses for the bulk text sequences.

You can also monitor the count of messages in different states.

Where can I see the bulk text sequence message statuses?

  • You can see the Bulk text sequence message statuses in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.
  • However, if you can’t see this widget on your dashboard, just enable it from the little gear on the top right of the Dashboard.
  • For an overview of the dashboard, go ahead and click on the help (?) icon next to Dashboard.Bulk Text Sequence Message Statuses

Bulk text sequence message statuses

Bulk text sequence statuses indicate the status of the bulk sequence:

  • Being processed: The system is preparing your Bulk text to deliver them.
  • Canceled: This indicates a Bulk text that you have canceled.
  • Done: The system has successfully delivered the Bulk text to all the recipients.
  • In-process: Bulk text is on the way and it started to reach the recipients gradually.

Count of messages

The stats column displays the count of messages in different states, which can include:

    • Non-mobile: These lead contact phone numbers were landline so the text could not be delivered.
    • In-queue: The message is in-queue waiting to be sent out.
    • Outbox: The message has been sent and the system is awaiting confirmation of success.
    • Sent: Successfully sent message.
    • Deleted_leads_count: This indicates the leads that were part of the initial request but have been deleted since the request was made.
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