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Power dialing leads is a very useful feature for salespersons. When they want to call all or a group of leads sequentially. The system automatically brings the phone number of the next lead in line.

Power Dialing

  • Whether you choose to call all the leads, or a group of leads that you pulled out using a Smartlist, on the top right of the leads view page, hit the Power Dial Button. 

Power Dialing leads

  • This option allows you to call all the leads on the page sequentially without having to enter into each lead’s profile to call him manually.
  • When the current call is ended, the system starts calling the lead next in line.
  • You also have the option to pause the call.

Note! You might need to check for duplicate leads in your calling list before you start the power dialing. Otherwise, you will be calling the same leads more than once. Which is not really pleasant for the leads. And, it adds additional charges to your phone bill.

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