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Reconnect / Re-authorize your email account with aNinja

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Reconnect your email account with aNinja if it’s disconnected to be able to send and receive email through the app.

Disconnected email alert

If your email stopped running correctly, you need to reconnect your email account with aNinja to be able to send and receive emails through the app.

When an email is no longer synced, an alert pops up in red on the top middle of the page as a warning to reconnect the email.

When the email gets disconnected, any attempt for sending emails fails and it shows an error in the lead view.

Failed emails don’t show up on the reports page, however, they show up on the logs page with an error status.

But what are the reasons for a synced email to disconnect from aNinja?

The reasons that lead to reconnecting your email account

Several reasons may lead to reconnecting / re-authorizing your email account. Of which we mention:

  • If you have changed your password and did not update it here.
  •  Or, if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication and did not generate an aNinja app password.
  •  It could also be an issue communicating with your email provider.
  • Lastly, to help identify the problem, check for any error messages at your end.

Reconnect / Re-authorize the email account

On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Email accounts

  • Then, click the edit pen next to your name.

  • Lastly, hit the “Connect / Re-auth” button and follow the on-screen instructions to re-authorize your email.

Still unable to connect / re-authorize

Need help reconnecting your email account with aNinja? Just leave us an email at And we will happily assist you!


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