Removing aNinja chatbot from a website

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Removing aNinja chatbot from your site

The aNinja chatbot loads on your site because you (or your web developer) added a piece of code on your website that loads it.

If you no longer want it – you should simply remove that piece of code.

Typically it looks like:

<script async data-chatplaybook_id=”1″ data-tenant=”YOUR_TENANT_CODE” src=””> </script>

You don’t need access to your aNinja install to delete the chatbot since it’s code on your website.

Still, if you still have access to your aNinja account, you can find the code by looking here:

Click on Chat Bots

Click on edit

Choose the chatbot id who’s embed code you want to find:

Once you’ve removed that code from your website, simply hit delete to also delete the chatbot and it’s playbook in aNinja.

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