Adding aNinja Chatbot to Squarespace Website

Adding aNinja Chatbot to Squarespace Website can be done by using a simple Javascript code. Which is the aNinja Chatbot Embed Code. Find your aNinja Chatbot Embed Code in your aNinja install before getting started.

Adding aNinja Chatbot to Squarespace Website

You can do this yourself or give this code to your developer.

  • In the “Home Menu“, click “Settings
  • Then hit  “Advanced
  • Click “Code Injection
  • Add the aNinja Chatbot embed code into the appropriate Code Injection fields for the footer.
  • After adding your code, click on the “Save” button.

Custom code doesn’t appear?

Custom code may not appear for a few reasons:

  • You’re logged in – As a security measure, code in a code block may not appear for you when you’re logged in, even if visitors can see it. This happens when you try to view embedded JavaScript over a secure connection (https://). To test this, visit your site in an incognito browser.
  • The code is on an index page – Your code might not render if you’ve added it to a page within an index. To test this, remove the page from the index within the Pages panel, then visit your site in an incognito browser.

If the code still isn’t working, reach out to

Where do the Chatbot Conversations appear in aNinja

Now that you’ve added your Chatbot to your website, as a result, a new lead is created into your aNinja account after every chatbot conversation.

You can see these conversations:

  • In your inbox. Just select Chatbot from the All types drop down.
  • And in your dashboard widget “Chatbot Conversations”. If you can’t see this widget, just enable it from the little gear on the top right of the dashboard.