Enabling Auto-recharge for Billing

You might want to make sure that your team can continue to send texts without interruption.

By enabling Auto-recharge for Billing, when the plan included add-ons are hit, aNinja system automatically tries to bill.

When the payment is successfully processed, the system bumps up your SMS add-ons limits.

Enabling Auto-recharge for Billing

  • Scroll down to the “Auto-recharge” section
  • Toggle the checkbox to enable auto-recharge.
  • When auto-recharge is turned ON, you get the following confirmation message that the payment has been sent to the bank:

“Payment has been successfully updated”

Enabling Auto-recharge for Billing

How the auto-recharge works

  • By enabling auto-recharge, when you hit the plan included SMS add-ons limit, the system puts your outgoing texts in queue. It sends the charges to your bank; when the payment is processed, it recharges your account and releases the on-hold texts.


Your plan included add-ons represent your monthly spending limit  over all the users. You can check it in Settings > Billing > Usage SMS

  • Every time the limit is hit, it automatically recharges.
  • You can manage the auto-recharge process by disabling it at any time of the month. Just un-toggle the checkbox.
  • However, disabling the auto-recharge option doesn’t stop the payment in-process.
What if the payment fails

When you hit the monthly spending limit of SMS, the system claims the payment from your bank.

If the payment fails, your current outgoing texts stay in queue until the next month on your plan, unless add-ons are purchased.

And you will see an alert in a banner that reflects the type of the error. e.g. “Payment Failure Message”.


Please reach out to support@aninja.com for assistance.

Things to consider before Bulk Texting

Bulk texting is an aNinja great tool that you use to nurture your leads and keep them updated with your latest campaigns, and offers, and send them reminders. Here are a few things to consider before bulk texting.

Things to consider before bulk texting

Here are a few things you would want to consider/check before sending out your text blast.

  • Phone number to send out the texts

To be able to send texts, you want to have a phone number saved in your aNinja account. Either you buy a new phone number from aNinja or you port your own.

  • Leads phone numbers

If possible, provide a mobile number in the lead’s primary contact to ensure delivery of your message.

  • Text segmentation

When preparing a text template, you want to count the characters you’re adding to this text. A text is composed of 160 characters which is considered one segment. If your text exceeds 160 characters, it will be delivered to the recipients anyhow, but you will be overcharged for all extra segments by your phone carrier.

SMS and MMS are encoded by the carriers in different formats to represent the characters and special characters used in the message.

The default encoding method is GSM-7, which consumes fewer segments, making it more cost-effective.

However, if the text content includes special characters like emojis or backticks, a different encoding method called UCS-2 is used; it consumes more segments, approximately double the amount of GSM-7.

  • Text limit per bulk/per user

According to your Billing plan (only for Advanced and Pro plans), each user can send 2000 SMS per bulk.

If you wish to increase your SMS limit, either:

1- Reach support at support@aninja.com and they will bump it up for you, with a one-time charge of 15$ for every additional 1000 SMS per user.

2- Or, enable the auto-recharge for Billing, that automatically recharges your add-ons once your plan included add-ons are hit.

Otherwise, limit your bulk texts to 2000 SMS per bulk by segmenting the contacts in the CSV file before you import it.