Launching bulk text sequences

Launching bulk text sequences is sending a series of texts automatically to a group of recipients all at once, using an automated messaging system.

You can also send a text sequence to a bulk import list. A text sequence is an efficient way to automate a time-consuming process. And it can be set up to be triggered or sent at the designated time or interval.

Launching text sequences to ALL leads

  • Click on Bulk Text Sequence on the top right.

  • And hit Launch Bulk Text Sequence

Launching bulk text sequences to a group of leads

  • Click on Bulk Text Sequence on the top right

  • Select the Text Sequence

  • And hit Launch Bulk Text Sequence

You can also launch sequences to a single lead from the lead view and track it.

Tracking a text sequence

After launching your text sequence, you can check its status in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.

Expired Text sequences

The in-queue text sequences expire if they were not sent for over 36 hours past the intended launch time of the sequence step.

Stopping a text sequence

From the Dashboard widget “Bulk Sequences”, you can also stop sending the text sequence only if the sequence delay setup is of 1 or more days.

You can also stop a sequence for a single lead from the “Active Text Sequence” in the lead view. This does not affect the sequence. It only stops sending it to this specific lead.