Creating a Widget for every workflow step

To better identify the leads in the step they have reached in the workflow, consider creating a widget for every workflow step.

Creating a widget for every workflow step

On the Dashboard Widgets “Workflow summaries LSR” and “Workflow Summary ASR”, you can see the leads that reached every step of the workflow.

  • From the Dashboard widget “Workflow Summary LSR” / ASR, click on the dynamic number in blue next to the workflow step.Creating a Widget for every workflow step
  • It shows you the leads that have reached that step.
  • Go ahead and save this query / Smartlist.
  • Name it with both the workflow name and the step name. Therefore, you will be able to recognize the leads in it. Example: LSR/New Leads/In-process.

See the Workflow step in a Widget

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the little gear on the top right.
  • Enable the Smartlist that you’ve just created to show as a widget on the Dashboard.
  • Repeat the above for all the steps in your workflows. As a result, you can have a widget for every step of your workflows shown on the Dashboard.

The Left Sidebar

The left sidebar is the control center for navigating your aNinja app. You can access any feature by clicking on its icon.

aNinja features on the left sidebarThe left sidebar

Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard widgets bring you the report on the workflow of your  latest activities and interactions that you make in aNinja.Dashboard widgets

Resizing & Moving Widgets

You can change the size of the widgets (shrink / expand), and relocate them on the dashboard however suits you. They will maintain the size and location next time you visit your dashboard.

Enabling & Disabling Widgets

You can manage which widgets to enable or disable by clicking on the top right gear icon in the dashboard view. This shows you a list of available widgets and you can choose to toggle them on or off.

Types of Widgets

Widgets are of 2 types:

System Widgets

These widgets are created by the system. They bring you reports on the workflow of your activities and more.

  • Latest leads: See the latest leads entered into aNinja (manually, via API, or bulk)
  • My Tasks: Shows all tasks assigned to you
  • Bulk Sequences: Shows bulk email sequences & bulk text sequences and their status
  • Latest Incoming: Shows you the latest incoming interactions (email / text)
  • My latest Incoming: Shows your latest incoming interactions (email / text) – also includes texts coming to group numbers
  • Last Viewed: Quickly see the latest viewed leads
  • Outgoing Sequence Emails by day: See how many outgoing email sequences have been sent out
  • Workflows Summary (ASR): See All Steps Reached (ASR) summary across all workflows
  • Workflows Summary (LSR): See last Last Step Reached (LSR) summary across all workflows
  • Chatbot Conversations: See latest chatbot conversations
  • These are the result of the Smartlists you have created.
  • Enable each Smartlist from the gear on the top right of the dashboard, and you will see it on the dashboard as a widget.