Enabling SendGrid for your Transactional Emails

Enabling SendGrid for your Transactional Emails allows you to send a large number of email sequences through aNinja without limitations and without worrying about spam filters marking your messages as spam.

Email Services

By default, all emails go through the users’ email service (e.g. Gmail, Outlook…) using Nylas APIs. This is not recommended for bulk emails because the user is limited to the maximum number of emails allowed by his email service.

So, to be able to send bulk emails without limitations, we highly recommend using SendGrid.

Enabling SendGrid

1- Sign in to SendGrid

Or Signup to SendGrid if you don’t already have an account

  • Make sure you sign-up for the Essentials plan in Sengrid for this to work.
2- Create a SendGrid API key

Make sure to save your SendGrid API key immediately, as it shows one time, and if you lost it, you can’t retrieve it.

3- Authenticate your domain in SendGrid
  • This means that you are showing your email provider that SendGrid has your permission to send emails on your behalf.
  • After that, your recipients will no longer see the “via sendgrid.net” message on your emails. Which shows that the emails are coming from you. So, it is less likely that your recipients mark your emails as spam.
  • This increases your reputation with the Email Service Providers. And it’s less likely that they filter your emails and not allow them to be delivered to your recipients. Which increases your deliverability.
  • Lastly, SendGrid automatically attaches an unsubscribe link to the emails sent through it.

Please follow this link to authenticate your domain => https://docs.sendgrid.com/ui/account-and-settings/how-to-set-up-domain-authentication

4- Enable the Event Webhook in SendGrid

You’ve reached a step where you need to enable the event webhook in SendGrid.

5- Enable SendGrid on aNinja web app

  • And enable the rule: “Enable SendGrid for single and bulk email sequences”

  • Lastly, enter the SendGrid API key (don’t forget to click on the refresh button next to the input)Enabling SendGrid for your Transactional Emails
  • Once you’ve enabled SendGrid on your aNinja web app, all single and bulk email sequences will start being sent through the SendGrid service.

Our support team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Just leave us an email at support@aninja.com

Email sending limit

Through aNinja, you can send a bulk email sequence to all your leads, or a group of leads that you pull out using a Smartlist. aNinja was designed to make sending and receiving emails easy, using your email server. And every email server has an email sending limit and predefines how many messages it allows you to send each day.

Bulk email stopped sending out

You might have reached the daily email sending limits allowed by your email server. So, Your email server will stop sending emails from your account.

Daily sending limits of the different email service providers

Godaddy Workspace

500 SMTP relays per day


10,000 sent email messages per 24-hour period. However, this can be lower if your Google Workspace account is still in a trial-like period.


2,000 sent email messages per day

Office 365 / Outlook

10,000 sent email messages per day.

30 emails sent per minute.

What to do to send a large bulk of emails?

The best recommendation would be to connect aNinja with a Transactional Email service provider (such as Sendgrid). You’ll then be able to send 10K to 1M+ eventually emails without affecting your email provider.

Moreover, Sendgrid adds Unsubscribe links with the emails you send through it. It also tracks spam score and notifies you.

SendGrid is usually used to send out bulk email sequences and it works well with aNinja.

Connecting Sendgrid with aNinja

To connect Sendgrid with aNinja:

  • Create a Sendgrid account (so you get an API key that we place in aNinja). You can start with a free tier or their basic tier.
  • Authenticate your outgoing domain DNS (we can assist with this).

Please let us know if you’d like to Integrate with Sendgrid. Leave us an email at support@aninja.com. We’re more than happy to assist you!

Configuring your email account

aNinja was designed to offer two-way email integration. This means, when you send emails from aNinja, the system automatically logs them in the sent folders of both aNinja and your email account (Gmail or your mobile phone). Configuring your email account allows you to work on both aNinja and your email account in total synchronization.

Benefits of email configuration

  • By connecting your email account with aNinja, aNinja begins to automatically track the email actions with any contacts between aNinja and your email account.configuring your email account
  • You can work from either aNinja Inbox or your email account. And the changes transmit between the two. So you don’t waste time seeing emails again in one place that you’ve handled in another.
  • When sending emails through your email client (ex: Outlook, Gmail…) there’s no need to BCC aNinja. The emails automatically show up in your aNinja account in the history of the matching leads.
  • Received emails also show in the inbox of aNinja and your email account.
  • aNinja automatically syncs all email communication between you and any contact in aNinja.

Need help in configuring your email account? Leave us an email at support@aninja.com. We will happily assist you!

Troubles in sending Bulk Email Sequences

If you overpass the daily limit of your email provider, you will face troubles in sending bulk email sequences

The standard email sending limit is 2000 emails per day, based on your email provider.

Having troubles sending your bulk email sequences?

You might need to check the following:

Still unable to re-launch your bulk email sequences?

For a large number of daily emails, we highly recommend you process your run through our transactional email processor SendGrid. You can enable it directly from your aNinja account > Settings > Global Settings.

Or send us an email at support@aninja.com. We’re happy to assist you.


IMAP vs POP3: These are 2 different methods used to access mail from a third-party email client or software.

When setting up a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, or Android, you will need either enter POP or IMAP server settings.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

POP (Post Office Protocol) stores the emails on a single device and not on the server. POP doesn’t support public folder access, as folders are only accessed from the client’s device. Which does not enforce aNinja’s vision for mobile data access.

If you want to keep messages on the server, make sure the setting “Keep email on server” is enabled or all messages are deleted from the server once downloaded to the app or software.

IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol)

IMAP is an internet protocol that lets you sync your email inbox across multiple devices. IMAP allows a two-way synchronization between the email clients and aNinja. So that if you communicate by email with your lead/customer (whether from aNinja, your email client, or anywhere), you will have all the relevant emails for that lead centralized in the aNinja lead view, as well as available in your email clients.

Why does aNinja only support IMAP?

  • We only support IMAP because the main difference is that IMAP allows us to read the messages on the server and keep them there.
  • POP (an older protocol, that gets the messages off the server)
  • aNinja synchronizes the email messages view so that if you communicate by email with your lead/customer (whether from aNinja, your email client, or anywhere) you will have all the relevant emails for that lead centralized in the aNinja lead view (as well as available in your email clients).

Need help understanding the difference between IMAP vs POP3? Leave us a message at support@aninja.com. We will happily assist you!

Reconnect your email account with aNinja

aNinja connects and sends from your own email server. By connecting your email account with aNinja, you can send emails through the app. So, in case your email stopped running properly, you need to reconnect your email account with aNinja to be able to send and receive emails through the app. But what are the reasons for a synced email to disconnect from aNinja?

The reasons that lead to reconnecting your email account

Several reasons may lead to reconnecting / re-authorizing your email account. Of which we mention:

  • If you have changed your password and did not update it here.
  •  Or, if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication and did not generate an aNinja application password.
  •  It could also be an issue communicating with your email provider.
  • Lastly, to help identify the problem, check for any error messages at your end.

What to do to reconnect / re-auth the email account?

  • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Email accounts
  • Then, click the edit pen next to your name.
  • Lastly, hit the “Connect / Re-auth” button and follow the steps to re-authorize your email.Reconnect your email account with aNinja

Still unable to connect / re-authorize?

Need help to reconnect your email account with aNinja? Just leave us an email at support@aninja.com. And we will happily assist you!

Connect your email with aNinja

Connect your email with aNinja to start sending email sequences to your leads. It’s important to complete the 2 steps of the authorization for your email to sync properly.

The following steps indicate how to connect your email with aNinja

Step 1
  • Fill in the following fields: Name and Email
  • And hit save


Step 2
  • Click Connect / Re-auth

For Exchange/Office 365/Other


  • Once set up, it would show up running under the status

Note! It is important to complete the 2 steps for the email to sync properly.