Changing lead info after creating a sequence

To send bulk email sequences or bulk text sequences, first, you create them and set the launch date. Immediately, the system pulls the data from the lead info and templates. It then saves them in the sequence till the time is due to launch the sequence. So changing the lead info after creating a sequence, does not affect it.Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

Preparing the email and text sequences

When you create an email sequence or a text sequence, the system queues up all the emails and texts as soon as the bulk email or text is created.

That means it builds up the emails/texts to be sent from the template or lead information at the time and queues those up for future sending.

Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

If you make changes in the lead info or a template’s content that are used in the sequence, the system will not reflect them in the queued-up texts or emails.

How to include the changes of the lead info or template’s content in the sequences?

The changes will not be reflected in the queued-up texts or emails. You would have to cancel the bulk email or sequence and re-create a new one. The sequence then pulls the updated lead info and templates.

Future fixes

We might address this shortcoming in the future, so that:
– When we update a template, the system automatically updates all the non-sent emails/texts.
– When we update a custom variable that is used in a template (e.g. lead/user data), the system updates all the non-processed emails/texts.