Email-sending limit

Every email server has an Email-sending limit and it predefines how many messages it allows you to send each day.

aNinja was designed to make sending and receiving Emails easy, using your Email server.

Through aNinja, you can send a bulk email sequence to all your leads, or a group of leads that you pull out using a Smartlist.

Bulk Email sequences stopped sending out

When you’ve reached the daily Email-sending limit allowed by your Email server, it stops sending Emails from your account.

The daily sending limits of the different Email service providers

Godaddy Workspace

500 SMTP relays per day


10,000 sent Email messages per 24-hour period. However, this can be lower if your Google Workspace account is still in a trial-like period.


2,000 sent Email messages per day

Office 365 / Outlook

Daily recipients: 5,000

Maximum recipients per message: 500

What to do to send a large bulk of Emails

The best recommendation would be to connect aNinja with a Transactional Email service provider (such as Sendgrid). You’ll then be able to send 10K to 1M+ eventually Emails without affecting your Email provider.

Moreover, Sendgrid adds Unsubscribe links to the Emails you send through it. It also tracks spam scores and notifies you.

SendGrid is usually used to send out bulk email sequences and it works well with aNinja.

Connecting Sendgrid with aNinja

To connect Sendgrid with aNinja:

  • Create a Sendgrid account (so you get an API key that we place in aNinja). You can start with a free tier or their basic tier.
  • Authenticate your outgoing domain DNS (we can assist with this).

Please let us know if you’d like to Integrate with Sendgrid. Leave us an email at We’re more than happy to assist you!

Syncing your Godaddy email into aNinja

Syncing your Godaddy email into aNinja automatically syncs all email communication between you and any contact in aNinja.

Once your GoDaddy email is linked to your aNinja account, you can easily send, receive and check messages directly from your aNinja account.

You can also use aNinja features to automate your emails and target your leads with your best campaigns and sequences.

In this article, we’re going to show you the steps to syncing your Godaddy email into aNinja.

1- Enable and enforce MFA

First, please click this link to enable and enforce MFA

2- Create an App password

Now, the App Password option will show-up at the top of the page when you follow here these steps:

Syncing your Godaddy email into aNinja

3- Add the App password

Lastly, choose “Add method” to add the App password.

Note: After that, please wait 1-24 hours of the propagation time (this is a Godaddy constraint).

As a result, you are now able to send automations to your leads and target them with your email sequences.

Have any specific questions on the syncing process? Please leave us an email to the Support team at We’re always happy to assist you!

Schedule your email

In this article, we show you how you can schedule your email to delay the delivery to send it at a later time and date.

To reach out to your lead, you can send them an email via aNinja.

Create an email, but don’t send it. Choose the time you want to send the email.

Scheduling an email to be sent later

  • On the lead view, click on the Email from the toolbar.
  • Compose the email you want to send.
  • Your email is auto-saved every few seconds so you don’t lose your work.
  • Next to the Send button, click the arrow to choose the date & time.
  • Then, hit Schedule > Send.
  • Therefore, on the set date & time, the system sends your email to your lead.

Rescheduling an email

  • On the lead view, locate the email in the history section and click Reschedule.
  • Then, choose the new date & time and hit Schedule.

Cancelling a scheduled email

  • On the lead view, locate the email in the history section and click on Cancel.
  • As a result, your email will be cancelled.
  • You can cancel the scheduled emails only from the web app but we don’t have it on the mobile app yet.

Checking the status of the scheduled email

You can see the scheduled emails only on the date they’ve been created. They don’t get rendered again when sent.

So, to check them, go to the lead view. In the history of interactions, go to the date when the scheduled email was created.

The status of the email is on the right bottom of the email.

  • Scheduled for day & time: The email is still not sent until the day & time are due.
  • Success: On the set date, the system sent the email successfully.
  • Cancelled (was scheduled): This is an email that you cancelled.

Know when leads read your emails

Sending emails to your leads allows you to reach out to them with your campaigns, nurture them and trigger their interest in your products. It is also important for you to know when the leads read your emails.

Email tracking

Tracking your emails allow you to know when leads read your emails and identify how often they view them.

This way, you can always know when it’s time to follow up or feel how interested they are in your proposals!

Accessing the email tracking

  • When on the lead view, click on Emails from the interactions toolbar.
  • On the right side under the email that you want to track, check the status of the email. Also, the time that it was opened and how many times, and the machine IP address that was used.

Know when leads read your emails


Notifications on incorrect lead contact data

The Lead contact is the lead info saved in the Lead View (email addresses, phone numbers, URLs). When the lead is created, the contacts are saved as entered/provided.

The system uses the lead contacts to send your emails and texts. This means, in case the lead contact was incorrect, your outbound will surely not reach the lead.

Notifications on unsent emails outbound

You receive an email notification that the email address of this lead is incorrect and your outbound did not reach them.

Notifications on unsent texts outbound

You can see an error message in red in the lead history.

Notifications on incorrect lead contact data

Note: You also receive an error message after you send a text if the primary phone number is a landline number.

You can handle the outgoing SMS with an error code through triggers. e.g. mark as “do not contact” the lead with a landline number.

aNinja Centralized Inbox

The aNinja Inbox is a centralized view of all your incoming communication emails, textsvoicemails, missed calls, open tasks, and the chatbot conversations too.

Accessing the Inbox

On the left sidebar, click on Inbox icon.New Centralized Inbox

Inbox activities

You should be able to work exclusively from your aNinja Inbox.

From your Inbox items, you can:

Dynamic Inbox

The Inbox badge in the sidebar dynamically updates to show you how many Inbox items are available.

Concluded Tasks

  • Ultimately, all items of the aNinja centralized inbox should be completed on daily basis. However, if that was not possible, you can report them to the next day. Just toggle all the remaining items of the inbox and click on future in the toolbar.
  • The Inbox badge in the sidebar will show a green checkmark when all your Inbox items are done!

Task Management

  • You can also bulk mark inbox items as done / not done.

  • Answering a Lead from the Lead view (send/reply to an email, or send/reply to text) will automatically mark previous inbox items of the same type (e.g. email/text) as done.
  • Admin users can view inbox items for other team users, as well as filter them by type.

aNinja Reports

Get reports on the workflow of your latest activities and interactions that you’ve made in aNinja in a certain period of time. aNinja reports are simple, understandable, and provide you with a detailed view of your business performance.

When every user can see his reports, admin users can see the reports of all the users.

On the top right of the reports page, you can select the period and the user you want to check his reports.

Accessing the Reports

On the left sidebar, click on Reports icon.aNinja reports

aNinja reports

Below are the reports provided by aNinja:

  • Workflow Summary (ASR)
    • See All Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Workflow Summary (LSR)
    • See the Last Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Leads
    • See figures of the leads, created and Via API.
  • Opportunities
    • See figures of the Opportunity statuses.
    • On the right corner of the Opportunity report, see the details of the leads’ opportunities.
  • Emails
    • See figures of all the sent and opened emails, and the open rate.
  • Texts
    • See figures of the incoming and outgoing texts.
  • Calls
    • See figures of the outgoing calls and their total duration.

History of Interactions and Activities of a lead

aNinja brings you the history of all interactions and activities made for a lead in the lead view.

What’s the history of interactions and activities

Since the creation of a lead in your aNinja account, the system saves all the interactions and activities that you have made to this lead, in the history section.

Moreover, they are listed in ascending order. So, the users and team members are kept in the loop of the actions performed on this lead.

In the history you can view:

  • Calls made and their durations.
  • Emails that are sent & received with this lead.
  • Notes that are left by any team member so any other user stays updated on any relevant info.
  • Texts that are sent to this lead.
  • Tasks that are assigned and their statuses.
  • Workflow steps changes.
  • Chatbot conversations that are initiated by this lead.
  • Triggers

Accessing the lead history

From the lead view, in the middle right of the page, you can see all the interactions and activities of the lead.The history of all interactions and activities for a lead

Troubles in sending Bulk Email Sequences

If you overpass the daily limit of your email provider, you will face troubles in sending bulk email sequences

Ech email provider imposes a daily email sending limit.

Having troubles sending your email sequences

You might need to check the following:

Still unable to re-launch your email sequences

For a large number of daily emails, we highly recommend you process your run through our transactional email processor SendGrid. You can enable it directly from your aNinja account > Settings > Global Settings.

Or send us an email at We’re happy to assist you.

Sending emails via aNinja

Sending emails via aNinja to your leads when having all relevant information at your fingertips is what you really need to handle all your communications directly through aNinja.

You can take advantage of aNinja’s features to make your interactions with the leads more efficient.

Moreover, aNinja auto-saves your work every few seconds so you don’t lose it.

Sending emails via aNinja

Users with Admin role can send emails from any email account associated with aNinja. When composing an email, an admin will have all the email accounts listed in the “From” dropdown.

  • When on the lead view, click on email from the toolbar
  • Type the email or select an available template
  • Click Send
  • If you choose to “reply”, “reply all” or “forward”, this brings you the old communicated messages in the body of the email.
    • However, if you select a template in the reply/reply all/forward, the template overwrites the old messages with the pre-defined text saved in the template.

Sending an attachment by email

To attach a file to your email, click on the attachment icon.

Note! We presently don’t allow attachments in Email Templates.

You might want to take security measures to avoid your email being marked as SPAM.