Trigger duplicate leads merge action

When leads created via API create duplicates in your account,  you can automatically merge those duplicate leads through Triggers.

Setting the Trigger duplicate leads merge action

The trigger actions get executed based on a certain event that you select when you’re in the triggers feature:

  • Select the event that will cause the trigger to fire.
    • e.g. Lead created via API

  • Under Actions, click “+ add another action”
  • Select from the actions drop-down:

[Lead merge] Merge new lead into existing duplicate

Trigger duplicate leads merge action

  • And indicate the merge method (email/phone).

  • This automatically merges new leads by ‘phone’ or ’email’ if ‘Lead created via API’ option was selected as the desired event.

Good to know:

If it happened that a lead with the same email or phone was sent via API and did not show in aNinja, neither as a new lead, nor merged; you want to make sure that the below Global settings rule is NOT enabled:

Do not add new Leads via API if Lead with similar email already exists (avoids duplicates)

The logic of the duplicates merging is to have two leads with similar emails or numbers saved in aNinja, and the system automatically merges them. The above rule does not allow the creation of a duplicate lead, hence the merging will not happen.

  • You can also indicate if this action should stop executing all subsequent actions/triggers in case the new lead has been merged. This is helpful if you don’t want a specific sequence to fire off for already existing leads.

  • With that said, it would be better if you set the trigger using this action with a high priority number so that it gets fired first.

Block identical automated text messages

In aNinja, you can choose to block identical automated text messages if they are resent within 24 hours; as it could be unpleasant for your leads to receive the same message repeatedly in a short period.

This option is enabled by default. You can disable it at any time.

Block identical automated text messages

“Block duplicate automated messages if sent during 24 hours period to same lead”

  • This setting blocks your duplicate text sequences if they are launched within a period of 24 hours of the first sequence.
  • If you disable this rule, your identical text messages will be sent anyhow.

Assigning a bulk import list

Assigning a lead to a user allows you to efficiently follow up with your lead and close him quickly. Especially if you have distributed the tasks between your team members to better close leads. How about assigning a bulk import list to a specific user!

Assigning a bulk import list to a user

  • When preparing the leads file, add a column in your CSV sheet called User_id.
    • You can find the user_id in Settings > Users > next to the user name.
  • And set the column values to the User ID of the user you want to assign the leads to.

Mapping the user ID to aNinja field

When importing your CSV file, you want to map the user ID in your CSV file to user_id in aNinja fields.

Where does the user ID appear?

After the import, the user ID you’ve added to your contacts list will show in the lead view of the imported leads > in the Assigned to section.Assigning a bulk import list

Note: As long you have “Users can only see Leads assigned to them” enabled under Settings > Global Settings, then users (unless admin) can only see leads assigned to them.

Need help in assigning a bulk import list? Leave us an email at and include the CSV file. Let us know the user you’d like to assign.

Setting rules in Global Settings

Admin and owner users can set the rules to manage systematically the global settings in aNinja web app and the rules for the rest of the users.

Accessing the Global Settings

On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Global Settings.

What is the global setting for aNinja app

  • Users can only see leads assigned to them
    • However, admin users can see all the leads

  • New Lead pop-up should require contact email, phone, custom.type
    • If you have no use for all this info, don’t toggle this option, it will crowd your database
    • However, this info augments your lead data so you have wider data that helps you filter your leads and narrow the search for a more precise grouping.

  • Do not add new Leads via API if Lead with similar email already exists (avoids duplicates)
    • It’s up to you to choose whether to allow injecting leads with a similar email that already exists in your CRM or not.
    • However, in case of duplications, you still can clean-up your data.

  • Include “aNinja Incoming call” on aNinja call forwarding
    • The receiving number receives a “forwarding message alert” when he answers calls coming from the forwarded number.

  • Only send automated texts within acceptable time window

  • Reschedule weekend automated outgoing emails & texts to Monday
  • Block duplicate automated message if sent during 24 hours period to same lead

  • Enable SendGrid for single or bulk email sequences

Have any specific questions about Setting rules in Global Settings?  Just leave us an email at We will happily assist you.

Getting started tips

In this article, we bring you tips that will help you getting started with aNinja quickly and efficiently.

Getting started tips

We recommend you follow this sequence of steps to make your use of aNinja easier and more efficient. Click on the links for the detailed articles.

We also recommend you check the aNinja Onboarding article to get an overview of the aNinja features.

Connect your email and phone number
Additional Apps
  • If you want to use Zendesk for your ticketing
    • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Apps
    • Install Zendesk in your aNinja account
  • If you want to use Calendly as your Calendar
Add and manage Users & Teams
aNinja Keys
  • Set your rules in Global settings
    • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Global Settings.
    • Choose what works better for you from these settings
    • Here, you can directly enable SendGrid which allows you to send a large number of email sequences with no limitations.
Create your automations
  • Create Templates (email / text / note templates)
    • On the left sidebar, click on Automation > Templates
    • Templates are samples of emails and texts that you send to leads without re-typing the content every time.
  • Create Sequences
    • On the left sidebar, click on Automation > Sequences
    • Now that you’ve created your templates, you can use them to launch email sequences and text sequences to your leads. So Sequences allow you to use the email and text templates you’ve created, and send them to leads, in sequence, in a different interval of time.
  • Create Triggers
    • On the left sidebar, click on Automation > Triggers
    • After you’ve created the templates and sequences, you can set your triggers. Triggers are email and text templates delegated to be sent to the leads based on an event or condition.
  • Add an unsubscribe link to your outbounds for security.
  • Create a transactional email
Manage your Marketing Features

Search for more help articles in the aNinja Knowledge base

Have any specific questions about the getting started tips? Leave us an email at Our support team is more than happy to assist you!

Assigning a lead to a user

Assigning a lead to a user is the first task that you can do when a lead pops up into aNinja to turn him into a customer faster.

And in the sales/marketing process, multiple users may take charge of a lead, depending on their role.

Moreover, users with admin roles can manage the delegation of leads to different users.

When a lead is assigned to a user, if another user is sending him an email, it will pull out with the name of the user whom the lead is assigned to.

Assigning a lead to a user

Lead assignment can be done through:

  • The lead view
    • This requires admin access if the option “Users can only see Leads assigned to them” is enabled in Settings > Global SettingsAssigning a lead to a user
  • Triggers using [Lead assignment] actions

User ID

Each user is granted a private user-id as soon as he is invited to join aNinja, regardless of his role.

You can find the user-id in Settings > Users.

Using a Smartlist, you can utilize this user-id to filter leads assigned to specific users. You can also enable this Smartlist as a Dashboard Widget.

Similarly, you can narrow down your Opportunity report to see a snapshot of the users’ sales activities over a certain timeframe.


Troubles in sending Bulk Email Sequences

If you overpass the daily limit of your email provider, you will face troubles in sending bulk email sequences

Ech email provider imposes a daily email sending limit.

Having troubles sending your email sequences

You might need to check the following:

Still unable to re-launch your email sequences

For a large number of daily emails, we highly recommend you process your run through our transactional email processor SendGrid. You can enable it directly from your aNinja account > Settings > Global Settings.

Or send us an email at We’re happy to assist you.

Automated Texts time window

With the automated Texts time window, you can schedule your texts so that they arrive at the most optimal time.

Specifying the time window for sending out text messages

  • Enable the “Only send automated texts within acceptable time window”
  • And set the start / end / timezone accordingly.