Notifications on incorrect lead contact data

Lead contact is the email addresses and phone numbers that are saved in the Lead View. When the lead is created, the contacts are saved to the lead view as entered. This means, in case the lead contact was incorrect, then, your outbound will surely not reach your lead.

How will I be notified that my outbound email was not sent?

You receive a notification by email that the email address of this lead is incorrect and your outbound was not sent.

How will I be notified that my outbound text was not sent?

You can see an error message in red in the lead history.

Notifications on incorrect lead contact data

Note: You also receive an error message after you send a text if the primary phone number is a landline number.

Lead’s Contacts

The lead’s contact section in the Lead View, shows all the contacts saved under your lead (employees of the same company, relatives, etc…). It’s a good component for filtering based on contact info. The lead’s contacts are email, phone number, and URL.

You can mark a contact as “do not contact” and he will stop receiving your bulk sequences. You can still send him emails / texts from the lead view.

Relocate the contacts in the lead’s contacts if you have multiple ones. The first one will be considered the primary contact.

Lead's contacts

What if the email address or phone number were incorrect?

It is important that the lead contact are correct so your outbound emails and texts reach your leads.

You will be notified that your outbound was not sent due to the incorrect email address or phone number.

Searching for a lead using the contact info

Just type your contact info in the top navigation bar and aNinja will search all your CRM to find the lead(s) related to your search.

The results will show in the Leads View. Go ahead and save your search as Smartlist. You can share your Smartlist with other users too.

Bulk Activities

After filtering your leads based on contacts, the results will show in the Leads View. Now, you can perform the below activities on the results: