Access aNinja CRM Mobile app on iOS & Android devices

You can Access aNinja CRM Mobile app on iOS & Android devices or by downloading the mobile app to your iOS or Android device.

Ensure access to your CRM anywhere and anytime with the aNinja Mobile app.

Leads can come in at any moment. So make sure you’re keeping up on your mobile phone when you can’t be in front of your computer.  Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Accessing aNinja Mobile app & In-App Purchases

Once you’ve signed up to aNinja from the web (, immediately, you will have credentials sent to you (email/password).

So, you can use them to securely log into your aNinja web or mobile app.

For security reasons, we recommend you change the given password.

There is presently no direct registration to aNinja through the mobile app.

aNinja on iOS

To access aNinja using your iPhone, simply point your web browser to:

The aNinja app requires iOS version 11.0 or later.


aNinja on Android

To connect your Android mobile phone, simply point your web browser to:

It requires Android 4.4 or later.

Need help to access aNinja CRM Mobile app on iOS & Android devices? Reach us at Certainly, we will happily assist you!

Data Import/Export from Phone or Gmail

In this article, we show you how the Data Import/Export from Phone or Gmail can be done.

aNinja allows you to inject your phone and Gmail contacts into your aNinja account to create more leads and expand your database.

Exporting phone contacts 

  • Open the Contacts app.
  • And tap the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.
  • Then choose Settings.
  • Hit Export under Manage Contacts.
  • And select every account to ensure you export every contact on your phone.
  • Lastly, tap Export to VCF file.

Importing phone contacts into aNinja

  • Send us the VCF file. We will handle importing your contacts from our side.

Exporting Gmail contacts

Here are the simple steps you can follow to export your Gmail contact and import them into aNinja:

  1. Log into the Gmail account you want to export from.
  2. Point your Browser URL to:
  3. In the left sidebar click on “More” (to expand it).
  4. Click Export.
  5. Select a group of contacts or all.
  6. Select the “Outlook CSV” format.
  7. Click Export.

Importing Gmail contacts into aNinja

  • Send us the CSV file. We will handle importing and deduping from our side! 

Note: these are the guidelines, they can change from Android/iOS phone device version to the other.

Where does the imported data appear?

After the integration, you can search your aNinja CRM for the imported leads. You can also search for any custom field, opportunities, and any other info that you have imported.

  • Lead’s contact appear in the leads contact section in the lead view
  • Opportunities also appear in the opportunity section in the lead view
  • The company’s info appears on the top left of the lead view, in the Company section.
  • Custom fields appear in the custom field section of the lead view
  • Lead Search is a field that also appears in the bottom left of the lead view. Specifically, these are info/links on the lead or the organization found in Google search.

Need help with the data Import/Export from Phone or Gmail? Leave us an email at We will happily assist you!