Forward Lead info through Trigger “Email” Action

You can set a trigger action to forward the lead info captured on a specific event, to an email that you define in the trigger action.

On an event like “Chatbot Conversations”, we recommend you to delay the transfer of lead info a duration of 5 minutes maximum, to give the user the time to enter the requested info.

Lead info forwarded through trigger email action

On the left sidebar, click Automations > Triggers

  • Click on add trigger
  • Choose the trigger event
  • In the trigger action, select

“[Email] Send lead info to an email address (from:”

  • And type the email under Email address

When a lead is injected into your account after the trigger event has occurred, his info will be transferred to the email address you define in the trigger action.

If we take the example of the “Chatbot conversation” event;

After the period you’ve set in your trigger, the below fields captured in the conversation, will be transferred to the email defined in the “Trigger Email Action”:

  • contact name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • and the latest 100 chatbot messages with that lead.

In case the user didn’t enter a capture info (e.g. phone number), or it was entered after the delay period you set in the trigger (5 minutes), it will not show in the message you receive by email.

  • After the delay duration is finished, you will receive the below information to the email you defined in the trigger action:

New event from lead (Chatbot 63088754a3b74).

Contact name:
aNinja test

Email address:

Phone number:
+1 781-746-7047

Latest messages:
– [Bot] Hey, Happy to assist!
– [Bot] What’s your name?
– [contact_3b74] aNinja test
– [Bot] What can we do for you?
– [aNinja test] Send me information
– [Bot] Okay, what is the best email to send information to?
– [aNinja test]
– [Bot] Info is on the way! What’s the best number to reach you at?
– [aNinja test] 17817467047
– [Bot] Thank you! A team member will be in touch shortly.



Trigger Email action after a Delay duration

In this article, we’re going to show you how to set the trigger action to send lead info to an email address, after a delay that you define when a certain event has occurred.

Through aNinja Triggers, you can define which actions to programmatically trigger based on a specific event and condition. 

Setting the trigger Email action after a Delay

The trigger actions get executed based on a certain event that you select when you’re in the triggers feature:

  • Select the event that will cause the trigger to fire.
    • e.g. Lead created via Chatbot
  • Under Actions, click “+ add another action”
  • To set a delay before executing the trigger action, select from the action drop-down:

[Delay] Set delay duration in minutes for triggering event actions

  • And set the duration in minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes.Trigger Email action after a Delay
  • Click “+add another action
  • To set the trigger to send the lead info to an email, select from the actions drop-down:

[Email] Send lead info to an email address (from:

  • And indicate the email address to send to.
  • The delay action is useful in the case for example of a lead created via chatbot, to wait a few minutes as they’re still filling the chatbot info (email, phone, etc.) so that the data is available when the lead’s info is forwarded to the email.

Updating lead info after creating a sequence

When a lead gets included in a sequence, the system grabs his info at the time the sequence was created. Updating the lead info or template after creating a sequence is not reflected in the sequence.


To send bulk email sequences or bulk text sequences, first, you create the templates and sequences. Then you set the launch date.

Immediately, the system pulls the data from the lead info and templates.

It then saves them in the sequence till the time is due to launch the sequence.

So updating the lead info after creating a sequence, is not reflected in the sequence.Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

Preparing the email and text sequences

When you create an email sequence or a text sequence, the system queues up all the emails and texts as soon as the bulk email or text is created.

That means it builds up the emails/texts to be sent from the template or lead information at the time and queues those up for future sending.

Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

If you update the lead info or a template’s content that is used in the sequence, the system will not reflect them in the queued-up texts or emails.

How to include the lead or template updates in the sequence

The changes will not be reflected in the queued-up texts or emails. You would have to cancel the bulk sequence and re-create a new one. The sequence then pulls the updated lead info and templates.

Future fixes

We might address this shortcoming in the future, so that:
– When we update a template, the system automatically updates all the non-sent emails/texts.
– When we update a custom variable that is used in a template (e.g. lead/user data), the system updates all the non-processed emails/texts.

Leads View v/s the Lead View

Leads View v/s the Lead View

In the leads view, you can see all or a group of leads that you have in your CRM. The lead view shows the info you have on a specific lead.

The Leads View

The Lead View

In the Lead View you will see the personal info of a specific lead with the history of interactions and activities you have made with this lead since his creation in your aNinja account and his status in the workflow.

Search for a lead to see his lead view info.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar is the search tool on the top left of your aNinja app.

Type in any info you have on a lead and the results are brought to you in the Leads View.
The top navigation bar

Top Navigation Bar’s activities

From the top navigation bar you can:

    • Type in a query and aNinja system brings you the results in the Leads view. e.g.


    • If you open an uploaded file, you can see the query related to this file e.g.


The Lead View

aNinja was designed to show you all the lead activities and interactions in one place: the Lead View.

The lead view is divided into 4 sections:

Accessing the lead view

You can access the it from 2 places:

  • On the top navigation bar, type the name of the lead or any info related to him (email, phone, URL, or custom fields). aNinja will find him for you. Click on the name. Then the system opens the lead view.
  • From the left sidebar, click on Leads. It will show you the list of all the leads you have in aNinja. Find your lead among them and click on his name. Then, the system opens the lead view.