Lead Notes

Any time you are on the Lead view, you can keep a note for yourself or for other users in the team on any important point worth saving for the record. Example minutes of a meeting/call.

Creating a Lead Note

  • Here, you can choose to use a note template, or just type a new one.
    • You can also access all the note templates and edit them.
    • Click on edit templates on the right bottom of the note template dropdown.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to save it.
  • Afterward, you can see the note you just created, the first record in the history in the middle of the page.

Adding an attachment to a Note

  • When creating a note, before saving it, click on the attach to add any useful document worth saving on the lead view.
  • Lastly, click on save.

Editing a Note

  • From the history of interactions in the Lead View, locate the note.
  • And, click on the edit pen in the left of the note.

  • Make the changes you want (example: add an attachment).
  • Lastly, Save it again to save the changes.
  • Or, click on the recycle bin to disregard the changes. The note will not be deleted from here.

Deleting a Note

  • From the history section in the lead View, locate the note.
  • Then, click on the recycle bin on the right bottom of the note.
  • And OK to confirm deleting the note.

The Lead View

aNinja was designed to show you all the lead activities and interactions in one place: the Lead View.

The lead view is divided into 4 sections:

Accessing the lead view

You can access the it from 2 places:

  • On the top navigation bar, type the name of the lead or any info related to him (email, phone, URL, or custom fields). aNinja will find him for you. Click on the name. Then the system opens the lead view.
  • From the left sidebar, click on Leads. It will show you the list of all the leads you have in aNinja. Find your lead among them and click on his name. Then, the system opens the lead view.