Trigger “Custom field value changed” event

With the “Custom field value changed” Trigger event, you can automatically perform an action based on a specific custom field value.

This powerful trigger event allows you to specify a custom field value and trigger an action whenever that value is changed.

Setting a trigger event to handle Custom field value changed

To set up this trigger event, you will need to indicate the custom field that you want to track in the trigger event and that should trigger the action. Specifying the corresponding value of the custom field in the trigger condition is optional.

Then, you can set the action that should be taken when the trigger fires.

  • Hit + Add Trigger
  • In the Trigger Event:
    • Choose “Custom field value changed

  • In the Trigger Condition (optional):
    • Specify the custom field value that will fire the trigger action. (see example below).
  • In the Trigger Action:
    • Set the trigger action you want to fire in response to the event.
    • You can add multiple actions to be executed when the event takes place.

If you have a custom field for “Lead Score“; and you want to automatically change the workflow step of the lead to “Qualified” when their lead score reaches a certain threshold (after changing the custom field value of Lead score in the lead view), you can set up a trigger to do this.

  • On an event that is “Custom field value changed”
    • Select the custom field e.g. Lead_Score from the “changed to” dropdown
  • Set the trigger condition to e.g. “Custom.Lead_Score=5”
  • Choose to execute an action to “[Workflow Step Status] Update Workflow Step Status:
    • and Set Workflow Step Status to: “Qualified

You can add multiple trigger actions from the actions dropdown.

Trigger "Custom field value changed" event

aNinja Trigger Events

aNinja trigger events is a specific incident, when verified, triggers the execution of one or multiple actions.

aNinja trigger events include:

“Custom Field Value Changed”, “Incoming Calls”, “Incoming SMS or Email”, “Lead creation”, “Outgoing SMS with error code”, and “Workflow step status changed”.

aNinja Trigger Events

You can access the Trigger Events from the left sidebar > Automations > Triggers > Add trigger.

aNinja Trigger eventsTrigger Events
  • Custom Field Value Changed
    • Indicate the custom field value that when changed in the lead view, fires the trigger action.
  • Incoming Call
    • Specify the call type: missed call, busy, or completed.

  • Incoming Email or SMS
    • When you receive an Email or Text from outside aNinja.
    • Add a specific body content for the incoming Texts to be identified by the system.
  • Lead Created via API
    • Leads coming through API are the result of aNinja integrations (e.g. Forms, Ads, etc…).
  • Lead Created via Chatbot
    • Leads coming through Chatbot are the result of Chatbot conversations.
  • Outgoing SMS with error code
    • If the phone number saved in the lead contacts is wrong, landline, or blocked by the carrier, your sent SMS will return with an error code that we log for each call.

  • Workflow step status changed



Changing the Lead’s Status in the Workflow

Changing the Lead’s status in the workflow represents the lead’s position in the Sales/Marketing pipeline until you turn them into a customer.

Changing the Lead’s Status in the Workflow

  • Search for your lead in the top navigation bar
  • Type any info you have on your lead (name, company, phone number, email, custom fields, etc…) and aNinja will bring the results to the leads view. Click on the lead and you will be redirected to their lead view.
  • Then, when in the Lead View, on the top of the page, you can manipulate the status of the lead in the workflow. This allows you to keep a close follow-up on the lead’s progress from prospect to closing.Changing the Lead's Status in the Workflow

Activities using the workflow steps

Leads Statuses in the Workflow

Leads Statuses in the Workflow help you track the lead’s progress in your sales pipeline. They represent the stage that the lead has reached in the workflow and give you a clear view of the progress of your sales process from prospecting to closing.

Creating Leads statuses

Leads statuses are defined when creating the workflows.

Choose the sequence of steps that works for you and add them to the workflows.

Changing the leads statuses in the Workflow

Keep track of the leads statuses in the workflows.

When on the lead view, on the top of the page, set the status of the lead. You will see the change in the history of activities and interactions below.Leads Statuses in the Workflow

Using triggers on leads steps changes

When an event like workflow step status has changed, you can choose a Trigger’s action like:

The system will automatically execute the action when the status is changed.

Leads Search

The lead search is one of the most common actions performed in regular business applications. aNinja searches among all your CRM records – Name, contact, email, phone, and any other custom fields, and brings you the results in the Leads View.

aNinja searches among all your CRM records – Name, contact, email, phone, and any other  and brings you the results in the

Leads Search in aNinja

Searching for a specific lead

Simply type your search in the top navigation bar here (name/contact/email/phone):

Searching for leads falling under certain criteria

Filtering your leads into any wished criteria, allows you to group them under these criteria, and target them with your specific campaigns call to action.

  • Create the criteria in the status of the lead(s) in the workflows.
  • Call a Smartlist with these criteria when it’s time to launch the campaign.

Categorizing your Leads before importing them

Search for leads using custom fields

You can also search for leads using custom fields.

Bulk Activities

The results of your search will show in the Leads View. You can save your search as smartlist for future use. You can also share it with other users.

After filtering your leads, you can start your activities:

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