Sending a text (SMS) via aNinja

SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message that can contain up to 160 alphanumeric characters for every segment. From a business’s perspective, there are hundreds of potential use cases for text message marketing including sales reminders, discounts and special offers, emergency alerts, and more. The most effective business text messages are timely, informative, compelling, and easy to understand. Sending a text (SMS) via aNinja is a way to deliver your automations to your leads.

Sending a text (SMS) via aNinja

  • When on the lead view, click on Text from the toolbar
  • Type the message or select an available template
  • Before you send your text, you want to make sure that it does not exceeds 160 characters, to avoid being billed for more messages.
  • Check the counters under the SMS body. When you go over 160 characters, the characters counter turns red, and the segment counter increases by 1.
  • Click Send to send your text immediately,
  • Or click on the arrow next to send to schedule your text to send on later date and time.

Text Segmentation / Message Length

  • Maximum Message Length with aNinja Messaging
    The aNinja Programmable Messaging platform has a limit of 160 characters in a single incoming or outgoing message request.
  • Additional Considerations for Long SMS Messages
    Although aNinja supports large message payloads for all Messaging channels including SMS; it is important to understand that some wireless carriers and devices may behave differently than others when receiving long SMS messages. In addition, the length of an SMS, and which characters are present will affect its price, because of a concept called segmentation.

    • What’s a text segment or Segmentation? SMS industries count messages before sending them through your carrier. They count the number of characters that a text contains. Each segment is of 160 characters. If your text contains more characters, you’d end up with two messages on your bill.

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