Searching for leads using custom fields

Searching for leads using custom fields that are available for each lead in his lead view, allows you to narrow your search for the specific leads. Custom fields can be a great searching tool that allows you to group your leads under certain criteria in order to reach out to them using a Smartlist.

Searching for a lead using a custom field

Create a custom field
  • First, create a custom field with the criteria that is relevant to leads search.
    • Example: custom.campaign

  • In the lead view, add this custom field to the lead that you want to include in this campaign.
Search for the custom field
  • Either, type your custom field in the top navigation bar
  • All leads that have this custom field in their lead view will show in the leads view.

  • Or, create a Smartlist and include this custom field in it. It will show you all the leads with this criteria.
    • Example: Leads with a Custom Field “Campaign” with value “campaign-1”


  • You can create a Smartlist using multiple queries to narrow your search and make sure you are targeting the right category of leads.
    • Example: Leads with a Custom Field “Campaign” with value “campaign-1” and with “Boston” address

Custom.Campaign=”campaign-1″ and”Boston”

aNinja Smartlist multiple queries

With aNinja Smartlist multiple queries, you can group leads from your CRM the way that fits your daily routine. This is a task that you do once and that executes when needed.

For example, how helpful is it for a salesperson to know, on daily basis, the new leads that he has not yet contacted!

So, a Smartlist brings him this data, and he can kick off the day with no additional tasks.

Basically, you can create a Smartlist with one or multiple queries.

In general, multiple queries behave the same, as if you executed each query separately.

Samples aNinja Smartlist multiple queries

  • Leads with Boston address AND that sent in emails on a specific date:
    • address.state=”MA” AND”Boston” AND”2021-02-27″

  • Any contact name starting with “Jo”:

  • Emails that were created between 2 dates:
    • >= “2021-02-21” AND <= “2021-03-01”

  • Leads with tasks that are not done AND have custom field source set to “Facebook”:
    • task.count.not_done >= 1 AND Custom.Source=”Facebook”

  • Leads created after April 2nd 2021:
    • lead.created >= “2021-04-02”

  • All Leads that are not in a workflow:
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true

  • Not in workflow AND not a customer (custom field)
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true AND Custom.isCustomer!=yes

Accessing more query examples

To access more query examples, just click the bottom pointing arrow in the search field.