aNinja auto-saving mechanism for Emails and notes

aNinja auto-saving is a useful mechanism that saves your work automatically, every few seconds. So you don’t risk losing work if your laptop runs out of battery, you lose wifi signal, or the power flickers.

How does the auto-saving work

Auto-saving in aNinja is enabled by default for your Emails and notes.

When composing an Email or note in the lead view or in the template, it is auto-saved every few seconds to the auto-save directory on your computer.

So you can roll back to the changes only from the computer you were on. As it saves on the machine’s local storage.

Restore the auto-saved versions

  • Go to the Email or note, and click on the auto-save button on the left of the toolbar.

  • Choose what you want to restore.

aNinja auto-saving mechanism

  • It rolls back the version that was saved then.

Note! Attachments are not auto-saved. So if you attached a file and then deleted it, the auto-saving can not recover it for you.

Power Dialing leads

Power dialing leads is a very useful feature for salespersons. When they want to call all or a group of leads sequentially. The system automatically brings the phone number of the next lead in line.

Power Dialing

  • Whether you choose to call all the leads, or a group of leads that you pulled out using a Smartlist, on the top right of the leads view page, hit the Power Dial Button. 

Power Dialing leads

  • This option allows you to call all the leads on the page sequentially without having to enter into each lead’s profile to call them manually.
  • When the current call is ended, the system starts calling the lead next in line.
  • You also have the option to pause the call.

Note! You might need to check for duplicate leads in your calling list before you start the power dialing. Otherwise, you will be calling the same leads more than once. Which is not really pleasant for the leads. And, it adds additional charges to your phone bill.

History of Interactions and Activities of a lead

aNinja brings you the history of all interactions and activities made for a lead in the lead view.

What’s the history of interactions and activities

Since the creation of a lead in your aNinja account, the system saves all the interactions and activities that you have made to this lead, in the history section.

Moreover, they are listed in ascending order. So, the users and team members are kept in the loop of the actions performed on this lead.

In the history you can view:

  • Calls made and their durations.
  • Emails that are sent & received with this lead.
  • Notes that are left by any team member so any other user stays updated on any relevant info.
  • Texts that are sent to this lead.
  • Tasks that are assigned and their statuses.
  • Workflow steps changes.
  • Chatbot conversations that are initiated by this lead.
  • Triggers

Accessing the lead history

From the lead view, in the middle right of the page, you can see all the interactions and activities of the lead.The history of all interactions and activities for a lead

Lead Notes

Any time you are on the Lead view, you can keep a note for yourself or for other users in the team on any important point worth saving for the record. e.g. minutes of a meeting/call.

Creating a Lead Note

  • Here, you can choose to use a note template, or just type a new one.
    • You can also access all the note templates and edit them.
    • Click on edit templates on the right bottom of the note template dropdown.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to save.
  • aNinja auto-saves your work so you don’t lose it.
    • Click on the clock in the toolbar and choose what you want to recover.
  • Afterward, you can see the note you just created, the first record in the history in the middle of the page.

Adding an attachment to a Note

  • When creating a note, before saving it, click on the attach to add any useful document worth saving on the lead view.
  • Lastly, click on save.

Editing a Note

  • From the history of interactions in the Lead View, locate the note.
  • And, click on the edit pen in the left of the note.

  • Make the changes you want (example: add an attachment).
  • Lastly, Save it again to save the changes.
  • Or, click on the recycle bin to disregard the changes. The note will not be deleted from here.

Deleting a Note

  • From the history section in the lead View, locate the note.
  • Then, click on the recycle bin on the right bottom of the note.
  • And OK to confirm deleting the note.

aNinja Templates

aNinja Templates including Text (SMS), Email, or Notes templates are available to easily re-use copy in different situations.

When replying or forwarding an email, if you select a template, it replaces the old communicated messages with the pre-defined text saved in the template.

Create a Text Template

  • On the left sidebar, click on the Automations icon
  • Choose Templates
    • Go ahead and click on the help (?) icon next to Templates. It will redirect you to a short youtube video to get an overview of the templates.
    • aNinja Templates
  • Select the Text tab
  • Choose Add Text Template
  • When typing your text, there’s a counter at the bottom that counts the characters that you’re adding to your text.
  • The SMS industries consider every 160 characters as a segment. If you exceed 160 characters, the segment counter will automatically change to 2.  And you will be billed accordingly.
  • We recommend you add an Unsubscribe link to allow the recipients to opt-out.
  • Once you’ve saved your Text Template, you can re-use it:
  • Learn how to avoid your texts being marked as spam.


Make sure to include content in your text template before saving it. Otherwise, when attaching it to a text sequence, it will not launch.

Create an Email Template

Create a Note Template

  • On the left sidebar, click on the Automations icon
  • Choose Templates
  • Select the Note tab
  • Choose Add Note Template
  • Once you’ve saved your Note Template, you can re-use it on a Lead view to speed-up adding Notes.
  • aNinja auto-saves your work automatically every few seconds.

Some ideas for Note Templates include meeting minutes! 

Have any specific questions on aNinja Templates? Please send an email to our support team at We will happily assist you!