Gmail/Google Workspace email Setup With aNinja

To set up your Gmail/Google Workspace email with aNinja requires whitelisting aNinja to allow it to run in your systems.

Important! Regular/Free accounts are not supported with aNinja.

Gsuite (aka Google Workspace) is supported. So, you must be the administrator of your Gsuite / Google Workspace account to enable “whitelisting”.

Enabling Whitelisting

The goal of having a whitelist is to protect a private network and its devices from outside attacks. Whitelisting aNinja means allowing it to run on your systems.

  • Then, click on Configure new app dropdown. And choose OAuth App Name Or Client ID

  • Here, search for “Acquisition Ninja”

  • Then, hit Select to Enable

  • Lastly, mark as trusted

Once done, please follow the instructions here for the aNinja integration setup.