aNinja Utilities

aNinja utilities bring you a range of useful features that allow you to manage your lead contacts and keep a clean database.

Accessing aNinja Utilities

You can access aNinja utilities from Settings on the left sidebar.

Go ahead and click on the help (?) icon next to Settings. It will redirect you to a short youtube video to get an overview of the Settings.

Utility options

The options that bring you aNinja utilities are:

  • Delete all leads that don’t have a phone number
    • Including empty contacts
  • Delete Leads with all their contacts set as “do not contact


Keeping a clean database

Bad data infiltrates every database in form of duplicate contacts, un-standardized lead data, and junk records. While you can’t always keep bad data from coming in, you can clean it up when it’s there.

In order to keep a clean database, you can sanitize your contact file before you import it, and perform a clean-up routine to the existing data.

Importing a correct data

Before you import contacts in a CSV/Excel file, check the following tips:

  • Provide correct email addresses to ensure the deliverability of your emails.
  • Provide correct phone numbers to ensure the deliverability of your texts and campaigns.
  • If possible, assign the mobile number to the primary phone number.
  • Ensure the uniformity of custom fields: don’t create multiple custom fields for identical data. This will lead to confusion over the correct custom field to keep updated, and over the Smartlists results.
    • e.g. on a first data import, custom field “Source”; on a second data import, custom field “Created through”, on a third “Origin”, on a fourth “From”. This creates 4 custom fields for one identical data.
  • Set the Global Setting rule: Do not add new Leads via API if Lead with similar email already exists (avoids duplicates)

Cleaning up the existing data

However, the bad data can still be cleaned up when it’s already there.

  • Remove duplicates
    • Go to Settings > Data Clean up
    • Choose the merging method (by email or by phone)
    • Repeat this task every now and then, depending on the volume of the incoming leads.
  • Prune inactive and junk contacts
    • Contacts with no emails and/or phone numbers are of no use in your database.
    • Leads who asked to stop receiving from you can crowd your database and preferably be deleted.

Keeping a clean database reserves more space for the correct data.

Reach us at to assist you in merging duplicates.

Things to consider before Bulk Texting

Bulk texting is an aNinja great tool that you use to nurture your leads and keep them updated with your latest campaigns, and offers, and send them reminders. Here are a few things to consider before bulk texting.

Things to consider before bulk texting

Here are some things you would want to consider before sending out your text blast.

  • Phone number

Before sending SMS in aNinja, you want to have a phone number saved in your aNinja account. Either you buy a new phone number from aNinja or you port your own.

  • Leads phone numbers

If possible, provide a mobile number in the lead’s primary contact in order for your text to be successfully delivered.

  • Text segmentation

When crafting your text template, you want to count the characters you’re adding to this text. A text is composed of 160 characters which is considered one segment. If your text exceeds 160 characters, it will be delivered to the recipients anyhow, but you will be overcharged for all the extra segments by your phone carrier.

  • Text limit per bulk/per user

According to your Billing plan (only for Advanced and Pro plans), each user can send 2000 SMS per bulk.

If you wish to increase your SMS limit, just reach support at and they will bump it up for you, with a one-time charge of 15$ for every additional 1000 SMS per user.

Or, you might want to limit your bulk texts to 2000 SMS per bulk. To do so, you want to segment the contacts in the CSV file before you import it.

SPAM risk caller ID

SPAM risk caller ID

Your customers might see calls from your number displayed as “SPAM likely” or “SPAM risk” or “SCAM likely” on their caller ID. While each phone carrier keeps a list of numbers they determine to be spam risks based on the history of the number; scam ID technologies might incorrectly mark your number.

What causes the SCAM/SPAM designation

Here are the most obvious reasons for designation:

  1. The volume of Outbound Calls Per Day Per Number
  2. Or, someone flagged a call from your number in that carrier’s app as spam
  3. Or, it could be your system didn’t correctly set the Outbound Caller ID number

What’s the back story

In response to the growing number of scam calls to mobile phones; many carriers have created tools to identify and block scam calls. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t perfect. And sometimes businesses may have their numbers incorrectly marked by scam ID technology, particularly when calling cell numbers.

Each carrier has a feature or app. And it is automatically enabled on mobile devices. So, when someone calls one of these devices, the carrier checks the number against its database of reported scam numbers. If the source matches a reported scam number, directly, the person being called sees a message that says “Scam Likely” alongside standard caller ID. 

However, the Scam Likely Caller ID features will sometimes mark legitimate calls incorrectly; because some people may report your number without answering the phone. If this happens enough, as a result, your number will be marked Scam Likely.

To reduce the chances that a scam ID flag your number, you want to register your number at Free Caller Registry.

Registering your number at Free Caller Registry

You can register your number at Free Caller Registry by following these links:

This helps register/white-list your numbers with the major carriers. It also reduces the chances of them being flagged. Moreover, all numbers and information provided will be shared with all Carrier Spam Monitoring Partners.

Request to remove your number from the SPAM/SCAM designation

You can use the links or email addresses below to register legitimate numbers and also address any incorrect labeling or call blocking with other carriers:


Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular:

Comcast, Charter, Cox, Altice, and other fixed line (VoIP) providers, email Nomorobo for call blocking services:

Can’t find a phone number in the area code you want

aNinja was designed to allow you to either port your phone number or add a new phone number to your install to be able to make calls and send texts through our app. In this article, we tell you what to be done if you can’t find a phone number in the area code you want.

No phone number in the area code you want

After checking in you aNinja install through Settings > Phone numbers for a phone number, sometimes you can’t find a phone number in the area code you want. This is because phone numbers are not always available from carriers.

Can't find a phone number in the area code you want

What to do

1- You would want to consider “overlay area codes“. In an overlay numbering plan, an additional area code is assigned to an existing numbering plan area. Thereby avoiding the need for existing customers to change telephone numbers.

2- Or you can request a number. Send us an email to Tell us what you need so we can notify you when the Phone Numbers become available.

This may take 4-6 weeks to hear back from us. We’ll get back to you when we have a determination on availability.