Creating a Widget for every workflow step

To better identify the leads in the step they have reached in the workflow, consider creating a widget for every workflow step.

Creating a widget for every workflow step

On the Dashboard Widgets “Workflow summaries LSR” and “Workflow Summary ASR”, you can see the leads that reached every step of the workflow.

  • From the Dashboard widget “Workflow Summary LSR” / ASR, click on the dynamic number in blue next to the workflow step.Creating a Widget for every workflow step
  • It shows you the leads that have reached that step.
  • Go ahead and save this query / Smartlist.
  • Name it with both the workflow name and the step name. Therefore, you will be able to recognize the leads in it. Example: LSR/New Leads/In-process.

See the Workflow step in a Widget

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the little gear on the top right.
  • Enable the Smartlist that you’ve just created to show as a widget on the Dashboard.
  • Repeat the above for all the steps in your workflows. As a result, you can have a widget for every step of your workflows shown on the Dashboard.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar is the search tool on the top left of your aNinja app.

Type in any info you have on a lead and the results are brought to you in the Leads View.
The top navigation bar

Top Navigation Bar’s activities

From the top navigation bar you can:

    • Type in a query and aNinja system brings you the results in the Leads view. e.g.


    • If you open an uploaded file, you can see the query related to this file e.g.


Queries Examples

Smartlists bring you any data that is stored in your aNinja account. aNinja created some queries examples. Learn how to build your own queries and add the fields you want to include in your Smartlists.

Accessing the queries examples

  • On the top navigation bar, click on the arrow and choose to view examples of queries.
  • Smart lists link > + Add a Smart list 
    • Under the field Search Query
    • Click on Query Examples.

Examples of Queries

The page is divided into 2 sections:

  • Fields
    • These are the keywords that you can use when creating your query.
  • Examples
    • These are samples of queries. Just copy the example and paste it into the query field of your Smartlist.
    • Look at the structure of the queries to get an idea of how to build your own query.Queries Examples

Launching bulk text sequences

Launching bulk text sequences is sending a series of texts automatically to a group of recipients all at once, using an automated messaging system.

You can also send a text sequence to a bulk import list. A text sequence is an efficient way to automate a time-consuming process. And it can be set up to be triggered or sent at the designated time or interval.

Launching text sequences to ALL leads

  • Click on Bulk Text Sequence on the top right.

  • And hit Launch Bulk Text Sequence

An alert pops up to show the number of leads included in this sequence and that have no phone numbers. Click on the number to see those leads.

Launching bulk text sequences to a group of leads

  • Click on Bulk Text Sequence on the top right

  • Select the Text Sequence

  • And hit Launch Bulk Text Sequence

An alert pops up to show the number of leads included in this sequence and that have no phone numbers. Click on the number to see those leads.

You can also launch sequences to a single lead from the lead view and track it.

Tracking a text sequence

After launching your text sequence, you can check its status in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.

Expired Text sequences

The in-queue text sequences expire if they were not sent for over 36 hours past the intended launch time of the sequence step.

Stopping a text sequence

From the Dashboard widget “Bulk Sequences”, you can also stop sending the text sequence only if the sequence delay setup is of 1 or more days.

You can also stop a sequence for a single lead from the “Active Text Sequence” in the lead view. This does not affect the sequence. It only stops sending it to this specific lead.

aNinja Smartlist multiple queries

With aNinja Smartlist multiple queries, you can group leads from your CRM the way that fits your daily routine. This is a task that you do once and that executes when needed.

For example, how helpful is it for salespersons to know, on daily basis, the new leads that they have not yet contacted!

So, a Smartlist brings this data, and salesman can kick off the day with no additional tasks.

Basically, you can create a Smartlist with one or multiple queries.

As a matter of fact, multiple queries behave the same, as if you executed each query separately.

Samples aNinja Smartlist multiple queries

  • Leads with Boston city AND that sent in emails on a specific date:
    •”Boston” AND”2021-02-27″

  • Leads with Boston Address and Leads with LA address
    •”Boston” OR”LA”

  • Any contact name starting with “Jo”:

  • Emails that were created between 2 dates:
    • >= “2021-02-21” AND <= “2021-03-01”

  • Leads with tasks that are not done AND have custom field source set to “Facebook”:
    • task.count.not_done >= 1 AND Custom.Source=”Facebook”

  • Leads created after April 2nd 2021:
    • lead.created >= “2021-04-02”

  • All Leads that are not in a workflow:
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true

  • Not in workflow AND not a customer (custom field)
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true AND Custom.isCustomer!=yes

Accessing more query examples

To see more query examples, just click the button pointing arrow in the search field.


Don’t forget to save the results of your query(ies) as a Smartlist before leaving the page to avoid losing them.

aNinja Smartlist

aNinja Smartlist is a saved query that you can reuse as a list in your Dashboard while navigating through leads. As well, you can target this list of leads in email or text sequences.

Basically, this allows you to easily bulk email / bulk text in sequence. Or simply create Smart Views for the actions required and run through them as your daily to-do list.

Moreover, if you add new leads to your account and they match the query filtering parameters, they will automatically show up on the Smartlist results.

But, if a bulk sequence is already triggered or launched, it will not add new leads to it. Neither changing lead info after creating a sequence does affect the bulk sequence.

Creating aNinja Smartlist

  • From the top navigation bar, click on SmartList
  • Then on + Smartlist
  • Here, you can view the query examples
    • For example, to search for leads added after July 20, use this search query:
      lead.created >= “2020-07-01”
  • Search queries can be saved for future use “Save as Smartlist


Don’t forget to save the results of your query(ies) as a Smartlist before leaving the page to avoid losing them.

Smartlist of multiple queries

Smartlists can be built with one or multiple queries. This way, you can narrow your search for specific leads.

Accessing saved Smartlists

  • From the top navigation bar, click on Smartlists.
  • You can see a list of all the saved Smartlists.
  • Click on a Smartlist and the system brings up the data for you in the leads view.
What can you do with a Smartlist:

Save the Do Not Contact list as Smartlist

Creating a Smartlist from Bulk Import list

aNinja Smartlist multiple queries

Bulk texting a smartlist of leads for the first time