Opportunity Status Report

Opportunities let you track what kind of financial reward you are expecting to make from a lead, in a certain interval of time, including an optional confidence interval. Set your filters in the toolbar and manipulate the data you want to view in your report including the aNinja opportunity status report.

In this article, we show you how you can filter your opportunity statuses.

Accessing aNinja Opportunity Status Report

Setting the Opportunity filters

From the toolbar, you can manipulate the data you want to view in your report.

  • The toolbar options:
    • Status:
      • You can choose to view the opportunities sorted by status.
    • Sales Rep:
      • If you have an admin role, you can choose to view the opportunity status of a specific user, or all the users.
      • If you have a user role, you can only view your own statuses.
    • Date Range:
      • Set the date range you want, between today and the last 12 months, or even customize the range.
        • If the status is set to all (view all the statuses), then the date range filter will be applied on the “Date created field“.
        • If the status is specified, then the date range filter will be applied on the “Date status updated field“.

The Opportunity Report

After you set your filters, the system brings you the reports that are relevant to your search.

  • You can see the total number of each opportunity status in the first widget.
  • In the report’s list, the date Status Update is the date when the opportunity was set to active.
  • The Date Created is the date when the opportunity status was created.
  • Lastly, export your Opportunities data report into a CSV file


Message Statuses for the Bulk Text Sequences

Bulk text sequences message statuses” refer to the status updates associated with the delivery and processing of text messages sent as part of a bulk SMS campaign.

These statuses can provide valuable information about the status and count of messages and the success of the campaign.

Where can I see the bulk text sequence message statuses

  • You can see the Bulk text sequence message statuses in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.
  • However, if you can’t see this widget on your dashboard, just enable it from the little gear on the top right of the Dashboard.
  • For an overview of the dashboard, go ahead and click on the help (?) icon next to Dashboard.Bulk Text Sequence Message Statuses

Bulk text sequence message statuses

Bulk text sequence statuses indicate the status of the bulk sequence:

  • Being processed: The system is preparing your Bulk text for delivery.
  • Canceled: This indicates a Bulk text that you have canceled.
  • Done: The system has successfully delivered the Bulk text to all the recipients with a confirmation from the destination carriers.
  • In progress: The Bulk text is on the way and it started to reach the recipients gradually.

The bulk sequence sets itself to completed once all the messages have gone out.

In some cases, some messages get stuck in the “Outbox” because the carrier doesn’t return with a reply. The status of those messages changes to “Delivery unknown” in a few days.

Usually, the standard protocol is to give the carrier a window of 48 hours after the last SMS was sent successfully, before closing the bulk sequence (status done).

Count of messages

The stats column displays the count of messages in different stats, which includes:

  • Error: The texts did go out through our Carrier, but they were not delivered to the lead.
    • You can check the description of the error message in the lead view.
      • In the Bulk Sequence widget, click on the blue number next to “error”; then click on the name of the lead. In the history of interactions, you can see an info bubble next to the error under the text. Hover over it to see the message.
  • In-queue: The messages are in-queue and waiting to be sent out.
  • Outbox: The messages have been sent through aNinja, and the system is awaiting confirmation of success from the destination Carriers.
    • Click on the info bubble next to “outbox”: “Awaiting response from destination carrier”
    • Some destination carriers don’t return a confirmation message.
    • In this case, the status of the sequence remains “in progress” even though the messages went through aNinja.
    • And it will change to “Delivery Unknown” in a few days if we didn’t receive from the Carriers.
  • Sent: The messages were successfully sent out and the destination carriers confirmed delivery success.
  • Deleted_leads_count: This indicates the leads that were part of the initial request but have been deleted since the request was made.

Error type: Unknown error

If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and returns a 30008 error code, this means that the delivery of your message failed for unknown reasons.

When our carrier receives a very generic error from the destination carrier that he has no further details about, he then associates the message with the error code 30008; letting you know that he truly doesn’t know what caused this error from the provider.

Possible reasons:

  • The phone/device you were sending to is not turned on or can’t receive messages.
  • Or, the phone is roaming or off-network. They cannot guarantee message delivery on roaming phones.
  • Or, the issue is likely device-related. Test sending to other phones who have the same mobile carrier.

We can still contact our Carrier to connect with the destination carriers to ask about the reasons/explanations for the unknown error.


As per the US country guidelines: https://www.twilio.com/guidelines/us/sms

Gambling content being sent in the US is not allowed.

For reference, here is the documentation for sending MMS: https://support.twilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223179808-Sending-and-receiving-MMS-messages.

aNinja Reports

Get reports on the workflow of your latest activities and interactions that you’ve made in aNinja in a certain period of time. aNinja reports are simple, understandable, and provide you with a detailed view of your business performance.

When every user can see his reports, admin users can see all users reports and stats.

On the top right of the Reports page, you can select the period and the user.

Accessing Reports

On the left sidebar, click on Reports icon.aNinja reports

aNinja reports

Below are the reports provided by aNinja:

  • Workflow Summary (ASR)
    • See All Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Workflow Summary (LSR)
    • See the Last Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Leads
    • See stats of leads created and Via API.
  • Opportunities
    • See figures of the Opportunity statuses.
    • On the right corner of the Opportunity report, see details of leads’ opportunities. Inside the report, you can export stats into a CSV file.
  • Emails
    • See stats of all sent and opened emails, and the open rate.
  • Texts
    • See stats of incoming and outgoing texts.
  • Calls
    • See stats of outgoing calls and their total duration.

Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard widgets bring you the report on the workflow of your  latest activities and interactions that you make in aNinja.Dashboard widgets

Resizing & Moving Widgets

You can change the size of the widgets (shrink / expand), and relocate them on the dashboard however suits you. They will maintain the size and location next time you visit your dashboard.

Enabling & Disabling Widgets

You can manage which widgets to enable or disable by clicking on the top right gear icon in the dashboard view. This shows you a list of available widgets and you can choose to toggle them on or off.

Types of Widgets

Widgets are of 2 types:

System Widgets

These widgets are created by the system. They bring you reports on the workflow of your activities and more.

  • Latest leads: See the latest leads entered into aNinja (manually, via API, or bulk)
  • My Tasks: Shows all tasks assigned to you
  • Bulk Sequences: Shows bulk email sequences & bulk text sequences and their status
  • Latest Incoming: Shows you the latest incoming interactions (email / text)
  • My latest Incoming: Shows your latest incoming interactions (email / text) – also includes texts coming to group numbers
  • Last Viewed: Quickly see the latest viewed leads
  • Outgoing Sequence Emails by day: See how many outgoing email sequences have been sent out
  • Workflows Summary (ASR): See All Steps Reached (ASR) summary across all workflows
  • Workflows Summary (LSR): See last Last Step Reached (LSR) summary across all workflows
  • Chatbot Conversations: See latest chatbot conversations
  • These are the result of the Smartlists you have created.
  • Enable each Smartlist from the gear on the top right of the dashboard, and you will see it on the dashboard as a widget.

Reconnect / Re-authorize your email account with aNinja

Reconnect your email account with aNinja if it’s disconnected to be able to send and receive email through the app.

Disconnected email alert

If your email stopped running correctly, you need to reconnect your email account with aNinja to be able to send and receive emails through the app.

When an email is no longer synced, an alert pops up in red on the top middle of the page as a warning to reconnect the email.

When the email gets disconnected, any attempt for sending emails fails and it shows an error in the lead view.

Failed emails don’t show up on the reports page, however, they show up on the logs page with an error status.

But what are the reasons for a synced email to disconnect from aNinja?

The reasons that lead to reconnecting your email account

Several reasons may lead to reconnecting / re-authorizing your email account. Of which we mention:

  • If you have changed your password and did not update it here.
  •  Or, if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication and did not generate an aNinja app password.
  •  It could also be an issue communicating with your email provider.
  • Lastly, to help identify the problem, check for any error messages at your end.

Reconnect / Re-authorize the email account

On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Email accounts

  • Then, click the edit pen next to your name.

  • Lastly, hit the “Connect / Re-auth” button and follow the on-screen instructions to re-authorize your email.

Still unable to connect / re-authorize

Need help reconnecting your email account with aNinja? Just leave us an email at support@aninja.com. And we will happily assist you!


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