Launching Sequences

Sequences can be created to be sent individually to one lead, or in Bulk to a group of leads or to all the leads at once. You can create emails or text templates ahead of time, to include them when launching your sequences.

Creating email or text sequences

  • If you want to include a template in your sequence, it’s time to prepare it, before you start creating your sequence.
  • Go to Settings > Automations > Sequences
  • Then, create an email to text Sequence with at least one step. Choose to send after a delay of zero days if you want your sequence to launch immediately.
  • Afterward, you can choose to either send your sequence to a single lead or in bulk sequence.

Launching a Sequence to one lead

Launching bulk sequences

After creating your templates and sequences, you can launch bulk sequences to your leads.

Launching Sequences

  • This launches your sequence to all the leads in your CRM.
  • If you want to target a specific group of leads, use a Smartlist

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