Transactional vs Non-Transactional Emails

While transactional and non-transactional emails have different goals and strategies, you still need to integrate both types.

In this article, we show you the difference between the 2 types of emails and the risks involved.

We also recommend using Sendgrid to ensure the deliverability of your messages.

Transactional vs Non-Transactional Emails

Transactional email

It is an email triggered based on your lead’s action with your business, and it’s sent programmatically.

It can be Purchase confirmation or receipt, Request for feedback, Identity verification, Unsubscribe link, Password reset, Account notifications, Account creation, Welcome email, etc…

Transactional vs non-transactional emails

Non-Transactional email

It’s about sending an email to communicate a promotional message (i.g. Promotions and sales, Newsletters) to a group of leads; with the intention to drive them towards an action you want them to make. The purpose is typically commercial.

However, non-transactional emails tend to have a much lower engagement rate. Which can impact deliverability. You don’t want this to slow down transactional emails or risk them landing in the spam folder. Learn how to avoid your emails being marked as spam.

You can send non-transactional emails through your email client who uses an SMTP relay or web API. But it’s preferable to use a comprehensive email marketing solution like SendGrid. SendGrid can help deliver your messages, no matter what kind of content you’re sending.