Assigning a lead to a user

Assigning a lead to a user is the first task that you can do when a lead pops up into aNinja to turn him into a customer faster.

And in the sales/marketing process, multiple users may take charge of a lead, depending on their role.

Moreover, users with admin roles can manage the delegation of leads to different users.

When a lead is assigned to a user, if another user is sending him an email, it will pull out with the name of the user whom the lead is assigned to.

Assigning a lead to a user

Lead assignment can be done through:

  • The lead view
    • This requires admin access if the option “Users can only see Leads assigned to them” is enabled in Settings > Global SettingsAssigning a lead to a user
  • Triggers using [Lead assignment] actions

User ID

Each user is granted a private user-id as soon as he is invited to join aNinja, regardless of his role.

You can find the user-id in Settings > Users.

Using a Smartlist, you can utilize this user-id to filter leads assigned to specific users. You can also enable this Smartlist as a Dashboard Widget.

Similarly, you can narrow down your Opportunity report to see a snapshot of the users’ sales activities over a certain timeframe.


User Profile

A user can manage his profile and personal settings including notifications, changing his password, call/text forwarding, and more from his profile page.

Where can you find the user’s profile?

The user’s profile can be accessed from 2 places:

  • Click on your name at the top right of the page.
    • Choose Profile in the dropdown.
    • Then, the system opens your profile.

Admin can access all users’ profiles

Admin users can view the list of all the user’s accounts and access their profiles by clicking on the edit pen on the left beside the user’s name.

Editing profile options

  • Profile
    • First name / Last name / Personal mobile number: a user can modify these fields.
    • Email: the email address cannot be changed by the users as this is used for the login and alerts. If you want to change it, please send an email to

User profile

  • Password
    • This is the password used for the login.
    • You can change it and click update.
    • Make sure you remember the new password!
    • Lastly, in case you forgot your password, you can reset your password.

  • Language

  • Date / Time
    • Set the date / time of the zone you live in in case it was not different than the default one. Hit update to save the changes.

  • Calls
    • Call forwarding: Calls to your private aNinja numbers (not ring group) will be forwarded to this phone number that you will assign.

  • Text
    • Forwarding any text coming to your aNinja *private* number, not the ring group, to the phone number that you will assign.

  • Notifications
    • You can choose to be notified of the following events by email, text, desktop, or mobile push.
    • Make sure you sign in using the same username to get these notifications.

    • You find here the BCC email that you can use in the BCC section of an email to create leads from the recipients.

  • Teams
    • You can see the teams you are a member of, and see the availability of the team (ON / OFF).

  • Access control

Admin rights

Only admin users are allowed to:

  • Change the role of a user (from user to Admin and vice versa).
  • Manage the team members.
  • and, manage the availability of the teams (ON / OFF).

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