aNinja Centralized Inbox

The aNinja Inbox is a centralized view of all your incoming communication emails, textsvoicemails, missed calls, open tasks, and the chatbot conversations too.

Accessing the Inbox

On the left sidebar, click on Inbox icon.New Centralized Inbox

Inbox activities

You should be able to work exclusively from your aNinja Inbox.

From your Inbox items, you can:

Dynamic Inbox

The Inbox badge in the sidebar dynamically updates to show you how many Inbox items are available.

Concluded Tasks

  • Ultimately, all items of the aNinja centralized inbox should be completed on daily basis. However, if that was not possible, you can report them to the next day. Just toggle all the remaining items of the inbox and click on future in the toolbar.
  • The Inbox badge in the sidebar will show a green checkmark when all your Inbox items are done!

Task Management

  • You can also bulk mark inbox items as done / not done.

  • Answering a Lead from the Lead view (send/reply to an email, or send/reply to text) will automatically mark previous inbox items of the same type (e.g. email/text) as done.
  • Admin users can view inbox items for other team users, as well as filter them by type.


The private or ring group phone numbers in aNinja have voicemail support. Voicemails, also known as voice messages, are recordings that the caller leaves when his call is not answered. And they are accessible in your aNinja Inbox, and in the “Last Incoming” dashboard widget.

aNinja has a default voicemail greeting, that you can additionally customize.

How to access the voicemails in aNinja

Voice mails appear in 2 places:

  • You can listen to the voicemails in the Inbox.Voicemails
  • See the voicemail in the Latest Incoming” dashboard widget.

How to customize your voicemail greeting

You can customize the voicemail greeting note that callers listen to when the call is not answered. You record the greeting and upload it in Settings > Phone Numbers.

Adding a Voicemail Greeting for aNinja

A Voicemail greeting is a recording that the callers to your delegated number in aNinja can hear when the call is not answered. The voicemail can also play when your phone number has been forwarded.

When recording your voicemail greeting, it’s important to inform the callers that you’re not available to receive their calls. It is an essential part of any effective business communication strategy, especially if you are in Sales.

An important usage for voicemails on busy days! It enables you to screen incoming calls. You can choose to pick high-priority calls. And leave the less urgent ones to go to the voicemail to be acted upon later on.

aNinja default Voicemail greeting

By default, aNinja provides a voicemail greeting record that you can use when you are not available to answer your incoming calls; or when you forward your phone number.

Recording your voicemail greeting message

  • If you don’t already have your voicemail record, you can record it with your mic (ideally 15-30 seconds max) and save an MP3 file here:
    • There are many other sites online (e.g., PC applications, or mobile applications you can use. Feel free to use the application of your choice as long as it can generate an MP3 audio file.

Converting your audio file

If your audio file is not MP3 type, you can use this link to convert it: 

Adding your Voicemail greeting to an aNinja number

  • Go to Settings > Phone numbers
  • Click the edit pen next to the phone number you want to associate the voicemail greeting record with.
  • Hit the checkbox next to “Use Custom Voicemail“.
  • Click on Upload file to upload your voicemail greeting message.
  • Lastly, hit Update.
  • Play the voicemail record under “Active voicemail greeting audio” to listen to it.
  • Go ahead and test it by calling this phone number. Check that your voicemail greeting record is running when the call is not answered.

Changing the voicemail greeting record

To replace your customized voicemail record with a new one, just upload the new file and hit update.

To replace your customized voicemail record with aNinja’s default record, just unmark the “Use Custom Voicemail” checkbox.

Note! The recycle bin at the bottom of the page deletes the phone number and the voicemail record associated with it.

Have any specific questions or clarification? Please send us an email at We will happily assist you!

aNinja Call Forwarding

When you’re out of reach, you might want to consider call forwarding to forward your incoming calls to an available phone number in aNinja.

Call forwarding with aNinja

  • On the top right of your login, click on the name dropdown > Profile
  • You can also access your profile from Settings > Users > click the edit pen next to your name.
  • Go to Calls
  • And toggle the Call Forwarding On/OffaNinja Call Forwarding
  • Enter the phone number that you want to forward the calls to
  • And hit Update
  • As a result, the call forwarding has now been configured!

Call forwarding info in the Lead view

The recordings of the forwarded calls are saved in the lead view with the note “Forwarded”.

If the number is busy or the call was canceled, it is saved as a missed-call.

The Voicemail or completed calls are saved as completed call + recording.

In the case of forwarded calls, voicemails appear as completed calls.

Call Forwarding info in Settings

We’ve also displayed the call forwarding info in Settings > Phone Numbers.

Forwarding message alert

The receiving number receives a “forwarding message alert” when he answers calls coming from the forwarded number.

It’s enabled by default in your Settings. However, you can choose to skip this forwarding message alert.

  • In Settings > Global Settings, un-toggle the checkbox:

“Include “aNinja Incoming call” on aNinja call forwarding”